Video: Niagara drivers to get alerts when CAA tow trucks are working roadside


Published January 18, 2023 at 10:18 am

Drivers in Niagara Region will be getting 30 second warnings on their GPS devices should a CAA Niagara tow truck driver be working on the side of the road ahead.

In an effort to protect at-risk tow truck drivers working on the side of roads, a “Safety Cloud” service, developed by HAAS Alert, is activated when workers turn on the vehicle’s safety lights.

Drivers will be told by their GPS devices, whether built into the vehicle or on phone apps such as Waze and Apple Maps, that workers are ahead and to drive with caution.

An increase of injuries and even death among tow truck drivers simply trying to do their jobs has lead to CAA Niagara now installing the technology in its first fleet of vehicles with all their vehicles expected to have it by the end of winter.

“We are thrilled to use this innovative technology in our vehicles,” said Kevin Puckett, VP of Automotive Services, CAA Niagara.

“Our roadside responders have a challenging job and HAAS Alert not only helps protect them while they work, but also improves driver compliance with the Move Over law and increases awareness for all drivers on the road. We are committed to promoting road safety for everyone and believe that Safety Cloud will make a significant impact in achieving that goal.”

In Canada, the Move Over law requires drivers to slow down and move over one lane away from the area being serviced when approaching emergency vehicles, including tow trucks, on the side of the road.

In Niagara, CAA says all of its roadside assistance workers have experienced a close call, due to drivers reacting slowly or failing to move over.

The potential for close calls, injuries or potential death is higher than most would think. Here’s a CNBC report detailing the risk.

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