Video: Man mysteriously shoves shoe in wheel well of a Jeep in Mississauga


Published October 13, 2023 at 11:50 am

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A home security video appears to show a man putting a shoe in a Jeep wheel well in Mississauga.

The video, posted on Reddit, first shows the man trying vehicle doors, reportedly in driveways in the Dundas Street and Mavis Road area of Mississauga in the early morning hours of Oct. 11.

The man then returns to a Jeep and places an object in the wheel well.

According to the poster, they saw the shoe fall out as their wife pulled out of the driveway and then checked the home’s security footage. The incident left the resident puzzled.

Peel Regional Police tell that they haven’t seen this happen before and cannot comment on the incident.

Some comments on Reddit suggest the would-be thief is checking to see how often the Jeep is used.

“If you and your wife move the car regularly and continue to lock/ not leave valuables in the car- you will be fine,” one person suggested.

Another post suggested the man was marking the location as a safe house, gang territory or something else.

However, it could also be a way for a thief to steal a vehicle.

The tactic is described on some websites as a method to lure the driver out of the car after they hear a sound. Once the driver is out of the vehicle, the thief jumps in and drives away.

More typically it is a plastic water bottle that is used as it will make a popping sound when the vehicle moves.

“When you see a plastic bottle on your car tire, it can sometimes indicate that you’ve been targeted by a carjacker,” U.S. insurance company, Jerry, notes.

Most people don’t notice the bottle until it makes a loud noise and then they stop and get out of the car to investigate, Jerry notes. At this point, the carjacker, who is watching nearby, takes the car.

Jerry suggests contacting the police, if this happens.


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