VIDEO: Man caught rollerblading on Lincoln Pkwy and flipping off police in Hamilton


Published April 9, 2023 at 7:04 pm

Man rollerblading on Hamilton highway

Is that a car moving slower than the 90km/h speed limit? No just a man on rollerblades cruising down Lincoln Alexander Prkwy in Hamilton while being closely followed by police.

According to a recent video posted on Sunday (Apr. 9) 2023, to the Hamilton Neighbourhood Watch Facebook Group— a man is seen casually on his rollerblades gliding  in the left lane of the highway going southbound towards Upper James St in Hamilton.

Following closely behind are two Hamilton Police Service Suv’s who are putting in every effort to get the man off the road.

The man who appears to be dressed in black pants and a black hoodie turns around several times to flip off police and then goes back to skating forward.

Midway through the video the police vehicles attempt to close in on the man (who is still in the left lane) to block him from moving forward.

When the man realizes what is being done, his immediate reaction is to flee the situation. He quickly run’s across the grass covered median and enters the highway moving northbound.

Traffic behind him slows down, as the man proceeds to rollerblade.

It is unknown how long the man was rollerblading prior to the video recording.

One user in the Facebook group commented, “This is kinda funny I hope he managed to get away especially with that awesome Lane switch he pulled that was smart.”

While another wrote, “I need to know if they caught him.. who has the northbound footage.”

The Facebook video has received 1.8k shares so far, and almost 800 likes including 500 comments.

Video credit Tiff Davies – Hamilton Neighbourhood Watch Facebook Group


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