VIDEO: Make sure your Burlington property is protected from coyotes


Published February 8, 2023 at 4:54 pm

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With the issues Burlington had last summer with coyotes, city staff remains proactive about keeping local residents informed.

According to a Tweet sent out today from the City of Burlington, coyotes are more visible this time of year because they are looking for food and a mate – which means they can be more active during the day.

Here are some tips to deter coyotes from visiting your property.

Residential neighbourhoods are an ideal coyote habitat. Water, shelter and food sources like garbage, pet food and birdfeeders make residential areas appealing to coyotes.

By-law 49-2022 is the City’s Lot Maintenance Bylaw. A property owner is responsible to keep their lot clean and clear of debris. Residents and property owners can make sure they comply with the bylaw by ensuring their property is tidy and clear of garbage, food, brush, long grass and wood piles which are ideal den sites for coyotes or other wild animals that attract coyotes.

Backyard bird feeders are exempt under the bylaw, but they must be well maintained to avoid fines.

You can make your property less inviting to coyotes by:

  • Cleaning up after your dog, as coyotes are attracted to dog feces
  • Use wire screening to close off spaces around and under decks and sheds. Make sure the wire screening goes at least 20 cm under ground
  • Putting up a two-metre-high fence that extends at least 20 cm under ground
  • Removing all water and food sources from your yard, including birdseed and fruit that has fallen to the ground. These foods can also attract smaller animals that in turn attract coyotes
  • Removing long grass, dead brush and wood piles, as these provide potential den sites for coyotes or other wild animals that attract coyotes
  • Storing garbage, compost and pet food in a place coyotes cannot access, like a garage or shed
  • Using flashing lights and motion sensors

Check out this video on how to deter coyotes from your property.

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