VIDEO: Jean Charest on Mississauga, Brampton, Patrick Brown, Carbon tax and Pierre Poilievre


Published April 27, 2022 at 12:39 pm

Jean Charest and Khaled Iwamura

Federal Conservative leadership candidate Jean Charest believes voters in Mississauga and the 905 want the party to “get our act together” before trying to take control again in Ottawa.

In an exclusive interview with Khaled Iwamura on, Charest said the influential vote of those in the GTA and 905 areas want a united, national Conservative Party.

“They want us to get our act together,” said Charest. “They want us to be a solid alternative to the Liberals and they want us to be a national party.”

He explained that Canadians don’t want to go the same route as divisive American-style politics and instead want “an adult in the room” when it comes to leadership by having reasonable and responsible people making the decisions.

He said Canadians are also looking to the Conservatives for a unified response to immigration, an approach, he admits hasn’t recently been the case.

“We need an open, positive view of immigration,” he said. “We suffered from the fact that in 2015 we made proposals that are still remembered in a negative light. The new leader needs to address that. We need to make sure that all communities in Canada understand that if you are a new Canadian you are a part of the family and you are a Canadian period and welcome in this country. I will do that.”

Charest said his own view on immigration has always been positive, that newcomers coming to this country are the story of Canada and that it should continue.

The 63-year-old was first elected a Member of Parliament in 1984. He served as federal leader of the Conservatives once before in 1995 before stepping to become head of the Quebec Liberals. In 2003 under his leadership the Liberals won the Quebec election and he served as premier until 2012 when the Parti Quebecois took control.

Here are all the questions asked to Jean Charest:

  • Your thoughts on the passing of Guy Lafleur.
  • You have a relationship with Patrick Brown, and there have been reports that the two of you have “pact”. Are these reports true?
  • 905 ‘crucial’ for any Conservative path to victory…If you become the next leader of the Federal Conservatives how do you get votes in Mississauga and Brampton?
  • Why are you a better choice then Pierre Poilievre?
  • You have proposed a New National Healthcare plan for Canada. Can you discuss the key elements of the plan?
  • If you win the Conservative leadership and are elected prime minister, will you scrap the carbon tax and rebates?
  • To get some support in the GTA you have to tell me some of your favourite restaurants around here?





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