Video: Fox with mange and frostbite rescued in Mississauga


Published March 13, 2023 at 3:38 pm

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A spunky red fox got a second chance at life after she was found in “terrible condition.”

Mississauga Animal Services found the fox and contacted the Toronto Wildlife Centre, says Nathalie Karvonen, executive director and founder of the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

About two months ago the fox arrived in “terrible condition” with mange, a disease caused by parasitic mites. Mange caused her skin to scab and patches of her fur to fall out.

Mange is a common reason for foxes and coyotes to be sent to the centre, Karvonen tells

But with the loss of fur, the fox also got frostbite.

“Without a full, fluffy coat to keep her warm, her tail became frostbitten,” the centre said in a social media post.

Following a successful surgery to remove the damaged tip of her tail, the fox stayed at the centre for about two months. As it is winter, she needed her full, warm coat, Karvonen says.

“We do need to wait for her fur to re-grow because it is winter,” she says.

Mange is a naturally occurring and widespread disease in wildlife in Ontario, according to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. Burrowing mites cause extreme skin irritation, which causes inflammation, itching and fur loss.

Fortunately, the fox made a full recovery and her fur grew back in beautifully.

She was released in the ravine off Glen Road and Lorne Park Road in Mississauga, Karvonen says. This is close to where she was captured — the Lorne Park Road and Albertson Crescent area.

Residents who see a wild animal in distress, can contact the Toronto Wildlife Centre here. Mississauga currently doesn’t have a centre licensed to treat wild animals.

The centre is a charity and relies on donations from the public to operate. It is not government funded. The Mississauga Community Foundation provides some funds.

For more information on how to donate, visit the website here.

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