VIDEO: Crash shuts down all lanes on highway in Mississauga


An afternoon crash in the westbound lanes of the 401 in Mississauga blocked part of the busy highway for several hours. 

On April 23, OPP Highway Safety Division Sgt. Kerry Schmidt announced that a 32-year-old woman from Richmond Hill managed to walk away from a serious collision with non-life threatening injuries. 

Schmidt said the vehicle was travelling on the westbound 401 when it collided with the crash cushion near Winston Churchill Blvd.

The vehicle then entered the right lane, where it was struck by a transport truck that was also travelling westbound. The vehicle was consumed by fire,” Schmidt said in a video posted to Twitter. 

Fortunately, the woman inside the vehicle was taken out by witnesses prior to the vehicle burning completely up. The injuries are not serious.” 

Schmidt said that all westbound lanes are currently blocked, but should be reopened within the hour. 

In a construction zone, when you see orange painted lines like this, be ever vigilant and aware that lane configuration may change because of construction. Please drive safely. Fortunately, no serious injuries in this situation,” he said. 

Photo and video courtesy of Sgt. Kerry Schmidt

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