#1 – VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Brawl Breaks Out in a Costco Parking Lot in Mississauga


Published May 30, 2016 at 3:20 am


A raucous brawl broke out in a Costco parking lot in Mississauga. The cause of the dust up? A dispute over a parking spot.  

The video is absolutely crazy and shows a man violently shoving a woman to the ground and a man bleeding heavily from his forehead. While Peel police were called to the scene of the brawl, no charges were laid.  

The lesson here? The world is full of parking spots and no slice of pavement is worth fighting over–especially when there are children nearby.  

Stay sane, Costco shoppers. 

Stay sane.  

And remember that there’s always someone out there ready to film your impromptu fist fight.  

Anger is temporary. Internet videos are forever. 

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