Very Unique New Escape Room Opens in Mississauga

Published May 4, 2018 at 3:25 pm


Something wicked this way comes… to Mississauga.

Survive the Night is a new escape room on Courtneypark Drive in Mississauga. Sorry, did I say escape room? I meant to say escape adventure! This completely new way to experience the escape room genre has visitors trying to escape a massive dungeon.

There will be three different types of adventures for visitors to try. With only a lantern to light the way, they must work as a team to solve the puzzle and complete the adventure. The set will even differ based on the adventure chosen, and will even have ‘zombies and secretive villagers’ that the visitors can interact with to solve the puzzle.

So what are the three adventures to choose from?

The first is The Curse of Edemarah Village which has adventurers attempt to lift the curse on the village placed by an evil witch. This features six buildings for the adventurers to visit, as well as secret passageways. However, if the midnight bell rings the cursed villagers will capture you and throw you into the jail, where you then need to find a way to escape.

The second adventure is Escape The Pits of Embermoore. Adventurers travel through a maze of an underground mining facility filled with secrets. The maze is very complex and the group of adventurers must rely on each other to find the way out. One more danger lurks in the maze as well, a zombie. While the zombie moves slowly, if he catches a member of the group they lose a life. Each group only has three life points, so they must avoid the zombie at all costs.

The final adventure: The Descent into Zatra’s Tomb, is still in development. It promises to be a mix of the two previous adventures, but with a terrifying twist. Groups are forced to split up to solve the puzzles, but watch out, there may be vampires lurking in the crypts.

Each adventure costs $30 to book, is recommended for 6-12 players and lasts for about an hour. Anyone looking to book an adventure can do so by phone. There are also special types of bookings for larger events and team building. 

Cover photo courtesy of Survive the Night Facebook Page

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