Very Popular Dessert Coming to Local Grocery Store in Mississauga Soon


People's palates have never been more adventurous and that's a good thing—especially in a city as diverse as Mississauga.

And while people might not commonly associate grocery stores with unique international foods—especially supremely on-trend ones—they should, because a popular Japanese dessert is about to get its very own self-serve station at Whole Foods in Mississauga.

And while the self-serve mochi bars are new to Canada, they've been active in the U.S. for some time.

In fact, a Whole Foods blog post from early 2017 shows that there's been a hankering for the trendy dessert for some time.

For those who are unaware, Mochi ice cream is, to use Whole Foods' description, a popular Japanese-American dessert comprised of bite-sized ice cream balls enveloped in sweet rice dough.

The grocery store's flavours include strawberry, vanilla bean, matcha green tea, red bean, double chocolate, black sesame, Kona coffee, mango and more.

Whole Foods says that prices vary, customers can expect to pay $2 or more per treat.

While mochi isn't quite as rare as it once was, it's still slightly harder to find—especially in the average grocery store. As of now, people with a thirst for mochi can grab at it Square One's nearby Tsujiri location or Sugar Marmalade.

The self-serve aspect in this case, however, will be a little different—and a lot of fun.

Are you planning to grab some self-serve mochi soon?

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