Very Cold Temperatures are Returning to Mississauga

Published January 31, 2017 at 6:20 am


Do you remember that brief cold snap we had where we get a handful of extreme cold warnings? Those days probably seem far away because we’ve been hashtag blessed with a remarkably warm January.

It might have been gloomy, but it was certainly mild (which was kind of nice).

Now, it looks like we’re about to experience a genuine, bona fide Canadian winter (the kind that normally hits in February, whether we like it or not). According to The Weather Network, “arctic air is slowly returning to the weather pattern and by the end of the week, near to below seasonal temperatures will be found across much of Canada.”

While the temperatures aren’t too harrowing for this time of year, they do look abysmally low when you consider how spoiled we’ve been.

You can take a look at what to expect below:

While the temperatures will hurt after our pleasant stretch of mild weather, they just bring us closer and closer to spring.

Stay warm, everyone!

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