Vaping in outdoor public spaces now banned in Mississauga


Vaping in outdoor public spaces will now be prohibited in Brampton and Mississauga and will result in bylaw charges.

In a recent council meeting on November 20, 2019, both cities’ councils agreed to appeal previous bylaws which restricted the smoking of tobacco products in outdoor public spaces to now include the same regulations with vaping products.

Going forward, smokers will no longer be able to vape in certain public outdoor spaces, including municipal properties and construction sites. Residents will also not be permitted to vape within nine metres of an entrance to an indoor public space. 

The new rules are based on a Region of Peel bylaw that was introduced in September. It was intended to be adopted across the region by each municipality (Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon) individually). 

“This motion is actually in response to the direction that was given at the Region of Peel that each municipality pass a motion at the local level to prohibit vaping in public spaces along with smoking in public spaces,” said Mississauga Ward 10 Councillor Sue McFadden in the meeting.

Due to the fact that the long-term consequences associated with vaping are largely unknown at this point, coupled with the fact vaping is popular among a much younger demographic compared to smoking, many governing bodies believe it may be time to start imposing more regulations on it, as well as conducting more, thorough research.

In a previous statement, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Christine Elliot, said she has become concerned about the potential health-related consequences of vaping, and she believes further research on the subject is required.

“It has become abundantly clear that we do not have access to sufficient data and information to understand the potential scope of this issue,” she said in the statement.

In an official warning issued by Health Canada on September 4, 2019, it stated that there is severe pulmonary illness associated with vaping, resulting in the federal government’s ongoing investigation.

“It is important for Canadians to know that vaping does have health risks and that the potential short- and long-term effects of vaping remain unknown. Non-smokers, people who are pregnant and young people should not vape,” said the report.

For more information about vaping and the risks associated with it, click here.

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