UPDATE: Two People Dead Following Collision on 401 in Mississauga


Two people have been pronounced dead following a collision on the 401 in Mississauga.

According to Sgt Kerry Schmidt of the OPP, the collision occurred last night (August 11) around 9:30 on the 401 eastbound just approaching Dixie Road.

Schmidt said that a transport truck was cut off by a red Corvette and lost control, and took out a Mazda.

The driver of the transport truck was able to escape injury, and the passenger of the Corvette and the driver of the Mazda have both been released from the hospital.

However, the 34-year-old driver of the Corvette and the 77-year-old passenger of the Mazda have both been pronounced dead.

As a result, the 401 eastbound (express and collectors) are currently closed approaching Dixie Road. And there is a full closure in place approaching highway 10.

The closures are expected to remain in place for several hours.

The investigation is ongoing and OPP are looking for witnesses.


Photo is courtesy of Schmidt.

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