Upcoming Event Will Allow Residents to Tour Less Familiar Places in Streetsville in Mississauga


Although many Mississauga residents have called the city home for years (or in many cases, their entire lives), many people have yet to explore some of the more striking and historic structures in one of the city's most popular neighbourhoods: Streetsville. 

If you have ever wanted to explore places of worship that you are not familiar with, heritage sites that you don't spend enough time in or natural spaces that you keep meaning to check out, you should note that Doors Open Mississauga is happening on Saturday, Sept. 14. 

For those who are unaware, Doors Open allows residents (and visitors) to be tourists for the day. Over the course of the day on Saturday, residents can explore 15 places of interest in Streetsville while learning about local art, heritage and architecture.

Hindu Heritage Centre

This coming Saturday, residents can learn about the principles of humanistic Buddhism at the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple, take a guided walking tour of historic Streetsville, interact with dynamic historical displays at the Streetsville Kinsmen and Senior Citizens Centre, visit the Croatian Parish Park - Father Kamber, snap some photos of the charming Leslie Log House and more. 

You can see a full list of attractions here

The focus on Streetsville makes sense, as the village is quite historical. 

Streetsville Kinsmen and Senior Citizens Centre

Located on the banks of the Credit River, Streetsville became a village in 1858. At the time, the backbone of the community was its five major mill sites located along a five-mile stretch of the Credit. After some time, Streetsville was recognized as "Queen of the County."

According to the Doors Open website, Timothy Street built a home for his family near his mill site in 1825. It still stands on the banks of the Credit River and is part of a concerted effort by the merchants, residents, and the Streetsville BIA to ensure the heritage of the Village remains evident in everyday life. 

"It is this balance of historical reverence and the exciting array of present-day retail shops and services that make Streetsville the original and most inviting Village in the City of Mississauga," the website reads. 

The attractions will be open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, unless otherwise posted. 

Doors Open is a provincial program that launched in 2002 under the Ontario Heritage Trust with the goal of providing special access to art, cultural and heritage sites. 

Participants spent more than $11 million across the province in 2018. 

Photos courtesy of the City of Mississauga

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