Unique Yoga and Food Event Coming to the Glenerin Inn in Mississauga


If you want to enjoy brunch, a spa day or overnight getaway, you know you can go to the Glenerin Inn in Mississauga.

But did you know it's becoming something of a destination for unique yoga events?

A few weeks ago, the city's charming boutique hotel hosted a wine and yoga night that paired invigorating sun salutations with red and white vino. Now, it's about to be home to a new moon ceremony and yoga night—and a chocolate-esque creation will be involved. 

On Monday, Oct. 28, yoga and cacao (which is similar to chocolate) lovers can stop by the hotel to enjoy a one-hour Moon Yang to Yin yoga flow followed by a cacao ceremony and new moon ceremony.  

"The new moon is a perfect time to plant a seed for the universe.  It is also a time to cleanse the body, clearing out old thoughts and beliefs and make space for new creative ideas and energies to come in," the organizers said in an email. 

According to the Bali Spirit Festival website, cacao is a natural plant medicine and cacao beans go into the chocolate everyone is more familiar with. The beverage produced tends to be a lot more bitter than a traditional hot chocolate, however.

The website says that, during a cacao ceremony, people usually sit in a circle and set intentions, pray, sing, dance or share as a group.

The event will run from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Refreshments will be served.

Tickets are $30.

To learn more, click here.

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