Unique Shopping Event Coming to Square One for a Limited Time Only


While some crazy people love winter, others (most?) come down from the holiday season high and sit in their homes or offices sullenly, anxiously waiting for summer.

But while it's tempting to mope in January, February and March, there are still events and celebrations to look forward to, and the Lunar New Year (also known as Chinese New Year) is one of them.

And, believe it or not, Square One is celebrating the year of the pig (which kicks off on Feb. 5) with a limited time display in the shopping centre's grand rotunda.

Shoppers who check out the grand rotunda (level 2 by entrance 3) from Jan. 31 to Feb. 13 can see a temporary art installation comprised of distinctly festive decor, including floral decals and an interactive 3D hashtag.

Shoppers will also see lucky Chinese phrases written in calligraphy on enlarged fabric scrolls strung from above-inspired by the traditions of red papers (fai chun).  

But while the installation will be likely be enjoyable to see in and of itself, the event will come with its own retail opportunities.

Square One says that, after opening red envelopes, shoppers can enjoy exclusive offerings at the shopping centre, including Lunar New Year promotions from Jan. 24 - Feb. 10.

So, what sort of goods can shoppers expect?

Anyone who purchases a Square One gift card (minimum $200) will receive a 5 per cent bonus gift card. There's also a bonus for Alipay (a third-party mobile and online payment platform that was established in China) members. During the event, members who use the app to claim a coupon will get a deduction of RMB 60 (about $12 CAD) for a single transaction of RMB 800 (about $155) or over.

There will also be a bonus for UnionPay members. Square One says that members who spend a minimum of $1,000 per transaction are eligible to receive a $50 Oxford gift card

Cardholders who purchase Square One gift cards with a minimum $1000 will receive a $25 gift card.

Will you be checking out the new installation in Square One?

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