Unique New Restaurant Opens in City Centre in Mississauga


Although we all mourn closed restaurants, it's equally true that we celebrate new ones—especially when they offer something a little off-the-beaten path.

If you're in the mood for some uniquely cultural comfort food, you might be happy to hear that Yun—a small resto that specializes in Asian noodle dishes—has taken over the old Saki Sushi (which sadly shuttered its doors) location in the Grand Park plaza off of Burnhamthorpe in the City Centre area.

The restaurant, which has kept some of Saki Sushi's ambiance and aesthetic, offers rice noodle soups that come with your choice of lamb or beef and a range of sauces, including tomato sauce and spicy sauce.

Diners can also order soups with mushrooms, pork legs and seafood.

Other menu items include beef seasoned with soy sauce, fried chicken fingers and stewed pork leg.

The resto also offers a unique thirteen spices powder crawfish dish (so if you’re in the mood for something a little different, it might be a dish worth checking out).

3900 Grand Park Dr
Mississauga, Ontario

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