Unique New Food Spot Opening in Square One in Mississauga


There’s been a lot of Square One news lately.

As most shoppers no doubt know, Mississauga’s most iconic shopping centre is growing once again. It’s currently working on its major west expansion project and preparing to house a number of popular retailers and restaurants (such as Uniqlo, Indigo and the Pie Commission).

The west expansion project will also be home to the Rec Room and the mall’s upcoming Food District.

But while the project is huge (and exciting), it’s not the only new addition to the mall.

Square One recently announced that Sugarfina, a U.S.-based candy shop, is opening a new location inside the shopping centre.

For those who haven’t heard of Sugarfina, its creators—who apparently bonded while watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on their third date—call it the “ultimate candy boutique for grown-ups.”

According to the brand’s website, the company’s creators sought out the best artisan candy makers and spent two years taste-testing thousands of candies.

Photo courtesy of Sugarfina’s official Facebook page

As far as candy goes, Sugarfina offers cocktail candies (such as champagne and rose gummy bears), chocolates, Kyoto blossoms, sugar sticks and more.

So if you’re looking to feed your sweet tooth (or someone else’s), you might want to check Sugarfina out when it opens.

We’ll keep you updated on new opening details as more become available.  

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