Unique New Board Game Shop Open in Mississauga


If you want to eat, drink, shop or explore, Mississauga has got you covered.

But sometimes, you just want to pop into a unique store and grab a few board games for your next get together.

It’s no secret that people—and Mississauga residents—straight up love board games. This is especially apparent when you consider the popularity of the newly opened Domic’s GG Gaming Cafe and the occasional or ongoing board game nights at existing cafes and recreational spaces like Studio 89 and DeCode.

Now, gamers can rejoice in the fact that a brand new board game pop up shop (which is strictly a shop and not a cafe, to be clear)  is officially open for business in in Mississauga.

Online board game store, LVLUP Games, recently launched a summer pop-up shop.

We're not very big, so we might be hard to find. Here is a picture. We hope it helps!

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It can be found in the SmartShop Self Storage facility on Mavis Rd. near Dundas.  

The summer pop-up shop is open seven days a week, and while you can’t stay and play, you should note that that LVLUP Games regularly hosts board game related events in Mississauga.

In fact, you can find some of their events by checking out meetup.com and searching for MBGU (Mississauga Board Gamers United).

You can also find some other events here.

So if you’re in the market for some new games, you know where you can get them this summer

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