Unique Holiday Gifts Coming to MUJI in Mississauga

Published November 28, 2017 at 9:51 pm


With the holiday season officially upon us, it’s time to start shopping for loved ones–and fortunately for you, there are a ton of exciting products that are perfect for family members, business travelers, artists, students, teens and more available at MUJI at Square One.

Shoppers should know that the whole month of December will be about gifts and MUJI–the popular Japanese brand that’s known for creating high-quality products that suit anyone’s lifestyle–will have various promotions throughout the month, with the the first one starting on December 8.

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All that said, Christmas shopping is difficult because there’s often many people to purchase for and deciding on that perfect gift can be challenging. Because MUJI’s products are simple, functional and well-designed, they’re good for everyone. Home products can match any décor, and the apparel appeals to lovers of every style.

Products can be adapted and used differently according to each person’s needs. Therefore, just by going to a MUJI store, you can find gifts for almost anyone on your list.

Here are some products worth checking out:

Ultrasonic aroma diffuser, $89

This diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to effectively diffuse and disperse a fragrant mist around the room. Works without heat so you enjoy only the pure, original aroma of your essential oil. Switch the lamp on for a relaxing ambient glow. Try our various essential oils to change the atmosphere of your home everyday.

Reused yarn socks (3-pack), $15

Eco-friendly, our reused yarn socks are made from leftover yarn which is usually thrown away. All MUJI socks are made with a right angle instead of the traditional 120 degrees angle: they are more comfortable because they fit the angle of your feet, and they stay perfectly in place as you walk.

Linen twill cushioned slippers, $19

Inspired by the insoles used in shoes, these slippers have insoles that fit the arch of the foot. These well-cushioned slippers are easy to put on and comfy to walk in.

Chocolate marshmallows, $6

You wouldn’t think marshmallows could be so soft and fluffy! Filled with rich chocolate cream, they are individually wrapped and perfect for sharing.

Organic cotton flannel shirt, $49

Woven from thick cotton thread and brushed for a soft finish, the flannel fabric feels good and keeps you warm. Available for in various styles and colors, for men and ladies.

Clockwise from left: reused yarn socks, ultrasonic aroma diffuser, linen twill cushioned slippers, chocolate marshmallows, organic cotton flannel shirt

36 colored pencils in tube, $25

The simple tube case is not only practical, it’s elegant enough to leave your pencils on display! The outer shell of our color pencils is left uncoated and uncolored, so you can enjoy their natural wooden look and texture.

Acrylic case – 3 drawers, $49

The transparency of acrylic makes it an ideal material for storage. Not only can you immediately locate the contents, but you can also display your possessions. Standardized modules allow you to come up with your own combinations, in order to bring harmony to your desktop or your vanity.

Handy shredder, $22.50

The space-saving handheld shredder is an ideal size for quickly tearing through bank statements and smaller documents with ease. It works by twisting each handle either side in opposite directions.

Clockwise from left: 36 pencils in tube, acrylic case, handy shredder

Polyester hanging bath case, $29

An indispensable item for any type of travel, this portable case is designed to carry an assortment of toiletries such as a toothbrush, skin lotion, and face care products. Simply hang it from the towel rack in your hotel room to create your own personal dresser.

Well-fitted neck cushion, $35

Can be used when travelling, at the office or at home. Use it around your neck or place it against your lower back; this neck cushion can be used wherever you need it to help you relax wherever you are. Made with the same particle beads used in MUJI beads sofas. The cover can be removed and machine washed.

Acrylic frames, various sizes from $4

Your memories take the spotlight with our acrylic frames. Simple and elegant, they look great in any decor and complement any type of pictures.

Well-fitted beads sofa, $179 (cover sold separately)

Containing millions of microbeads, the beads sofa changes its shape freely to fit your leisure position. Can be used vertically, to read or to watch TV, or horizontally, to take a nap.

Pictured above: well-fitted neck cushion, acrylic frames

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