Unique Comfort Food Restaurant Opens in Mississauga


Published February 27, 2018 at 5:44 am


The Dundas corridor in the thick of Cooksville is a bustling, diverse place rife with history–a history it’s never tried to cover with glossy condos, sleek towns or polished plazas (at least not yet).

Just east of Hurontario, Dundas is all mature buildings and long-standing plazas housing everything from jewellery stores to spartan ethnic restos with, believe it or not, functioning and occupied apartments on top (a rare throwback to a bygone era).

For that reason, it’s striking to see a decidedly modern restaurant–one that’s all pristine white wood and chic aquamarine accents–in an aging white plaza that shows the city’s age (not that age is anything to be ashamed of).

Kantene, a brand new comfort food restaurant that combines counter and table service, is breathing culinary life into Cooksville–and it’s doing so with classic dishes.

The cozy restaurant, complete with stylish grey flooring and vintage-style pendant lights, is a breath of chic downtown in an otherwise old ‘hood. With a counter at the back, the restaurant appears both casual and inviting. You can grab a pizza to go, or order a burger and stay. It’s all up to you and how much time you have.

The service is also impeccable. Owned by husband and wife team, Harith and Chandula Samarajeeva, there’s a warmth and personal touch to the service. The restaurant has only been open for a few short weeks, but Harish says the resto is already attracting a loyal local fanbase.

Specializing in fusion cuisine, the restaurant excels with its absolutely delicious vegetarian pizza (topped with eggplant and zucchini), flavourful feta-covered lamb burger (complete with a fresh bun from the Rose Bakery next door) and indulgent hand cut fries.

The menu is diverse and not necessarily geared to the ultra health-conscious consumer that restaurateurs are doing their best to accommodate. If the term “on trend” makes you think of kale smoothies and avocado toast, note that you won’t find those items here–but you will find some delectable vegetarian offerings.

Kantene offers a few treats for the more experimental diner, including panko-breaded crispy eggplant fries, rosemary-infused onion rings and spicy shrimp rolls.

Kantene also offers a sizeable selection of sandwiches–since it’s surrounded by small businesses, it’s bound to attract a big lunch crowd–that can satisfy a range of cravings. Some sandwich varieties on the menu include grilled chicken, fried tofu, Mexican chicken, fried breaded veal, steak and more.

The resto also offers daily specials, so some more adventurous diners might come in and be pleasantly surprised to see biryani on the chalkboard menu.

While Kantene is unique, it’s not too polished to intimidate, nor is it too generic to impress. It serves up the requisite burger and fries, but you can’t get burgers like this anywhere else in the neighbourhood.

This isn’t a Cooksville gem anyone wants to miss.

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