Unifor urging employers refrain from causing delays to employees E.I. payments


Published March 24, 2020 at 10:24 pm


Unifor is urging employers to adhere to Service Canada’s demand that COVID-19 related work shortages be coded appropriately, instead of blocking workers’ access to employment insurance (E.I.).

“Some employers are sabotaging workers’ access to EI benefits and it has to stop,” Jerry Dias, Unifor National President, said in a news release.

“Workers from across Canada are being delayed access to EI benefits because employers are miscoding Records of Employment,” he continued.

Unifor has received dozens of complaints from workers, particularly former employees of Great Canadian Casinos, that ROE forms are being mislabelled.

Service Canada has explicitly instructed employers to code ROE forms as “shortage of work,” and employers who improperly code forms are causing excessive delays for workers trying to access E.I.

“Workers are suffering as this crisis evolves and this error is only hurting workers and their families, and employers need to fall in line, and stop listening to a handful of law firms giving bad advice” Dias added.

Unifor is also urging MPs to address issues workers are experiencing, particularly E.I. reform to ensure those without work will continue to be able to pay for necessities.

“Emergency measures are needed immediately. Workers cannot wait another day while the EI system continues to fail those who need it,” Dias said.

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