Uber Freight expands into Canada


Want your goods delivered by Uber? 

Now, that's a possibility. 

Uber Freight recently announced it's expanding to Canada with plans to facilitate seamless domestic and cross-border loads. 

This is the company’s first North American expansion. Previously, Uber Freight expanded into Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.

Uber says Canada’s trucking industry is a $68 billion (USD) market and the second-largest goods trading partner in the United States with $617.2 billion (USD) in total goods trade during 2018. 

According to Uber Freight, Canada faces a severe and growing driver shortage, resulting in constrained freight capacity. 

“Uber is a global company with a global mindset, and the Freight business is no exception. Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to scaling our operations to enable opportunity for both Uber Freight and the shippers and carriers that keep our world moving,” said Lior Ron, head of Uber Freight. 

“We are thrilled to expand to Canada, our neighbour and critical trade partner, to together unlock the massive opportunity the North American trucking market represents. With our sophisticated marketplace technology and reliable carrier base, Uber Freight is uniquely positioned to solve industry challenges, such as tight capacity, both in Canada and elsewhere at scale.”

Starting now, the company is facilitating freight in Ontario and Quebec domestically and across the border to Midwestern and Northeastern United States, with plans to expand to the rest of Canada. 

Local carriers and their drivers based in the U.S. and Canada are able to book and move domestic and cross border loads with the Uber Freight app, now available in both English and French.

This expansion follows partnerships with global cloud service providers, SAP and MercuryGate, announced earlier this year. In 2019, Uber Freight expanded to serve over 1,000 shippers including AB Inbev, Niagara Bottling, Land O’Lakes and other Fortune 500 companies, with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and Amsterdam.

Uber's platform connects carriers to the right loads and shippers to nationwide capacity. 

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