Uber announces new screening processes for Mississauga drivers


Uber recently announced they will be enforcing more stringent screening processes to ensure riders can expect a safe trip.

This isn’t the first time Uber has launched features related to passenger safety; they previously launched an initiative that was intended to ensure drivers were who they said they were.

This new screening process will check potential drivers’ records for issues including but not limited to, driving violations, impaired driving, and a criminal record.

Additionally, drivers will be subjected to annual criminal and history checks to ensure they continue to meet Uber’s standards.

In order to ensure the correct driver is behind the wheel, drivers will now be asked to periodically take a picture of themselves and upload it to their profile, which will be compared with their on-file identification.

Drivers who fail to meet these requirements will not have access to the app, and therefore not be able to drive for the company.

And, just as before, drivers who consistently receive low ratings from passengers (even for potentially frivolous reasons), will be at risk of having their account deactivated.

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