Two more illegal trucking companies shut down in Caledon


Published January 24, 2023 at 1:06 pm

The Town of Caledon is continuing to crack down on what could be hundreds of illegal trucking operations with the shutdown of two more companies.

Last Wednesday (Jan. 18), the Town of Caledon says the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled that two illegal trucking companies – 6086 Mayfield Inc. and 2652876 Ontario Inc. – had been using properties on Mayfield Road, which goes against Caledon’s zoning and fill bylaws.

The order reportedly prohibits both companies from illegally using their properties as a trucking depot and orders that the companies remove all illegal trucking equipment and imported fill by an agreed-upon date.

The Town said the investigation began back in June 2020 after receiving complaints of noise, debris, and property alterations directly across from an established neighbourhood in the Tullamore area.

“Our fight against illegal trucking is gaining momentum,” Caledon Mayor Annette Groves said in a release. “Today’s announcement reinforces our commitment to mitigating the negative impacts of illegal trucking in our town.”

In July 2021, some 300 locations across Caledon were inspected and approximately 180 properties had at least one tractor-trailer or commercial vehicle parked or stored, and Caledon Councillor Johanna Downey said there were some 200 illegal yards operating in her ward alone.

Council passed a motion directing illegal land use enforcement staff to work with industry partners to find solutions, and several illegal trucking operations have been shut down or faced significant fines.

In December 2021, an illegal trucking operator in Caledon was hit with a $1 million fine. Then in November of last year, another company operating in the Tullamore area was fined $30,000 and shut down.

Mark Sraga, Director of Building and Municipal Law Enforcement for the Town, said Caledon will continue to take legal action against companies breaking municipal bylaws “to ensure Caledon remains an attractive location for businesses to succeed and benefit those who live here.”

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