Trudeau Pledges $6B for Implementation of National Pharmacare


Embattled Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was in Hamilton Monday (Sept. 23) to make a policy announcement.

Trudeau appeared at the David Braley Sciences Centre in downtown Hamilton to make a series of sweeping promises on the delivery of Canadian health care.

"Canadians shouldn't have to choose between groceries and medication," Trudeau said as local Liberal candidates looked on.

He promised that if the Liberals are re-elected, they will negotiate vigorously with the provinces to establish a national pharmacare system that increases access to family doctors and improves services.

In that endeavour, he pledged an investment of $6 billion over four years.

He added that he wants to raise the national standards in regard to access to mental health care.

"We want to increase access to the right doctors and the right treatments," he said.

When pressed by reporters to clarify what part insurance companies will play in this system, Trudeau kept repeating the party's rhetoric:

"The question remains: who do you want negotiating with Doug Ford?"

When asked about how the Liberals plan to support Hamilton's steel industry, Trudeau pointed out that their government has a track record of successful negotiations with the U.S. especially when it comes to steel tariffs and NAFTA.

"We've demonstrated that we stand up for steelworkers," he said.

Trudeau will be making other appearances in the area throughout the day.

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