Tributes & Sights from Hazel McCallion's Gala


Hurricane Hazel was surrounded with over 1000 of her closest friends and supporters to celebrate her official retirement gala of her 36 years in office.

Mayor Hazel McCallion relished every moment at her party including a few laughs with former Prime Minister Jean Chretien and a video message sent by pop music diva Celine Dion.

Some of the distinguished guests in attendance included former Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynn, former Premier of Ontario Bill Davis, Toronto Maple Leafs hockey legend Johnny Bower, and country music legend Tommy Hunter.

Just in case you missed the live social media coverage, here’s a recap of last night’s event:

What some of the guests had to say to mayor McCallion.

Johnny Bower reminiscing about the day Mayor McCallion challenged him on the ice. Did Hurricane Hazel score a goal on hockey legend Johnny Bower?

Celine Dion pays tribute to Mayor McCallion in a video message.

“I know there’s always bigger and better things coming your way” says Canada’s Country Gentlemen, Tommy Hunter.

Jean Chretien says that Mayor McCallion should have been mayor of the entire area (GTA).

Mississauga Mayoral Candidate: Steven Mahoney

Mississauga Mayoral Candidate: Bonnie Crombie

Minister of Finance (MPP Mississauga South): Charles Sousa 

Brampton Mayoral Candidate: Linda Jeffrey

Mississauga Ward 1 Councillor: Jim Tovey


Former Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien surprises Mayor McCallion with his visit to the gala.

Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne stopped by to thank Hazel McCallion and say a few words.

Hazel McCallion coming out of her red Cadillac.

Jean Chretien and Bill Davis having a conversation with Mayor McCallion at the head table.

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