Trendy New Store Now Open in Square One in Mississauga


If you’re looking to purchase a very one-of-a-kind Christmas gift (or buy something unique for your own home, because you’re worth it too), then you might be happy to hear that a very unique—and decidedly modern—store is now open in Square One in Mississauga.

Yogibo Canada, a brand that specializes in award-winning furniture that’s as funky as it is comfortable, recently opened its doors.

What kind of wares can you find at Yogibo?

Think bean bag chairs (no, they’re not out of fashion and they never will be), throw pillows, body pillows, bedding, rugs, weighted blankets (which are all the rage this year) and other bean bag accessories (such as animals and dolls).

Yogibos are furniture transformers,” Square One writes on its website.

No other single piece of furniture conforms to your body, and to every whim, just by making a few simple adjustments. Yogibo has got you covered.”

According to Yogibo’s website, the bean bags can be used as sofas, chairs, recliners and children’s beds. The brand also makes products suitable for outdoor use.

So if you need to get someone a very unique piece of furniture this Christmas, Yogibo might be worth checking out.

Photo courtesy of Square One’s official Twitter page

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