Tree trimming and replacement takes place along Burlington trail


Published July 2, 2024 at 10:20 am

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A maintenance program carried out by Burlington Hydro will see many trees trimmed and some removed but replaced.

Current work is taking place along the Waterfront/Centennial Trail between Martha Street and Guelph Line.

The work is part of the regularly scheduled tree-trimming program and is necessary due to the risk posed by certain tree species to critical overhead power lines servicing the downtown core, according to Burlington Hydro.

It is expected the work will continue until the middle of this month. The trail will still be available for use.

“Over time, trees were introduced along this corridor without deliberate intention or planning by the City of Burlington or Burlington Hydro, and rather through natural processes (bird and animal carriers, wind dispersal, etc.),” Burlington Hydro stated through social media channels. “Several severe weather events in the last few years have led to branches falling on these power lines and causing outages.”

If trees need to be removed along the trail they will be replaced by the City of Burlington.

The new trees will be hydro-friendly species to ensure long-term health and safety for both the vegetation and the power lines.



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