Travellers from these top 5 countries are visiting Ontario


Published January 31, 2024 at 3:02 pm

travellers ontario countries

A new report identifies the top countries from which overseas visitors to Ontario are travelling.

Travel has nearly returned to normal after pandemic restrictions eased.

Ontario’s tourism industry was one of the hardest hit by the lockdowns and was one of the last sectors to fully recover and rebuild, according to a report from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

But things are starting to look up — 2023 was considered the return to travel with tourism reaching nearly 90 per cent of pre-pandemic levels, according to the World Tourism Organization.

In October 2023, 222,832 visitors travelled to Ontario from overseas, according to Province of Ontario tourism statistics.

And a new report from reveals who is visiting Ontario.

The UK is the leading country of residence for travellers visiting Canada’s most populated province, with 16,465 visitors, the report states.

Following closely are Mexico and India, with 13,812 and 11,904 visitors, respectively.

Brazil also contributes a significant number of travellers, amounting to 10,081. China rounds out the top five, accounting for 6,017 visitors.

Travellers from the U.S. were excluded from the results.

travellers ontario countries

Looking at Canada as a whole, the top five countries are similar with Mexico at the top with 32,978 visitors, United Kingdom at 30,012, France at 23,896, India at 21,381 and China at 15,468. analyzed the latest monthly data from Statistics Canada, Frontier Counts. Data is for non-resident travellers arriving in Canada in November 2023 for tourism-related purposes.

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