With everything that's been happening with the spread of COVID-19, it can be difficult to balance taking measures to avoid contracting and/or spreading the virus, and still getting out and enjoying
A higher speed limit could be coming to a 400-series highway near you.
Residents who want to change their flight plans due to coronavirus concerns should be pleased to know that two major airlines are making it easier to do just that — at least for a little while.
With the warm weather fast approaching, you might be starting to realize you neglected getting your summer body ready. No need to fret, though, there's still time.
Do you wish Mississauga was a little more walkable?
Picture this, you walk outside early in the morning and still half-asleep to start your commute to work when you notice it snowed overnight; your car is covered in it.
OTTAWA -- Canada's tourism industry is bracing for the impact of the novel coronavirus on the number of foreign visitors this summer travel season.
According to a release from the Province, the government is working to fix the issues associated with the new license plates before the end of March.
Just when you thought winter was over and warmer weather was upon us, we've been inundated with snow and the temperatures have dropped dramatically.
The government of Canada has issued a travel advisory warning for India du