Transport Canada has cleared Santa for take-off


Good news for everyone anxiously anticipating opening presents on Christmas morning, Santa has been cleared for take-off.

Officials from the ministry of transportation have inspected Santa’s sleigh and navigation system, and he’s been cleared to make his round-the-world trip, delivering presents to all the good little boys and girls.

Inspectors also checked out the sleigh’s safety systems, harnesses, landing gear, onboard navigation equipment and, of course, Rudolph’s nose.

Additionally, officials reminded Santa to perform his pre-flight checks that include looking for ice buildup on the sleigh and reindeer.

They also reminded Santa to refrain from eating too many Christmas cookies so he can stay focused on his task.

Further, Santa’s elves and Transport Canada have been working on a new feature for the sleigh. This year, it will feature driver assistance technology, which will make travelling around the world even safer.

I am delighted to clear Santa for flight in Canadian airspace to take to the skies safely this Christmas Eve. I want to remind Santa and all Canadians to drive safely in our Canadian winter conditions. I wish everyone safe and happy travels this holiday season,” Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, said in a news release.

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