A great croissant for breakfast should perfectly balance a flaky, buttery, crisp, and light pastry. From bakeries to cafe's, you can get a taste of the City of Lights right here in Mississauga.
It's often been said that there's no such thing as a bad slice of pizza -- only a mediocre Differone.  Fortunately for everyone in Mississauga, the city boasts some exceptional pizza that's far
There’s something special about heading out to a quarry, a lake, a swimming hole, or even a waterfall for a day away from Mississauga. 
Hey guys, I have an idea. Next time you go on a date in Mississauga, change it up a little. Perhaps she is getting a little sick of the big box restaurant dates or the 50-minute ride to a Toronto restaurant after you're in a bad mood for paying $20 for parking.
Nothing beats an ice cream cone on a nice hot day in Mississauga unless you are having it on a funnel cake or a sugar cone. 
If you have never been to these restaurants before it's probably because you've never seen them.
Are you the type of person to eat the whole basket of bread at a wedding with little care for how others judge you? I sure am.
Whether you love a freshly brewed coffee during your morning commute, a caffeine fix to survive an all-nighter, or a cuppa joe on the weekend, Mississauga offers some of the finest and most unique
These are not the Chinese restaurants you stroll into after a club or for a quick takeout lunch. These are the Chinese restaurants you enjoy with family and close friends.
It’s no secret that Mississauga is charming, but if you’re itching to enjoy the warmer weather with a road trip somewhere you might have never seen (or heard of!) before, you’ve come to the right p