The top five onion rings in Mississauga won't be found at big box restaurants, but rather truck stops and greasy spoons.
Ontario has an ample of great hidden spots such as turquoise swimming holes and old ruins.
We won't kid ourselves and call Mississauga a tourist town because that wouldn't be entirely accurate.
When I was young and in possession of a weak, pathetic and inept palate, I hated the succulent and splendid delicacy that is eggs benedict.
I want to start by reassuring you that this city is becoming an absolute hotbed for fried chicken!
Life can get stressful - with work, school, chores and our social lives - that even catching up on sleep can be hard.
Butter chicken, one of the most popular Indian dishes, is not to hard to find in Mississauga and can be found on most Indian restaurant menus.
Sometimes you just want a massive plate of food. Maybe you've been working all day. Maybe you've killed it at the gym. Maybe you just really, really like to eat.
Next time you're watching football with the boys, you might want to change up your pizza routine. Why not try a pizzeria that you have never been to before to keep things interesting?
Cideries are becoming a popular destination for day trips and even weddings in Ontario.