Finding a place to stay outside of Mississauga can go a few ways - you could book a hotel room, scope out an Airbnb, or go out of your way to stay somewhere even more interesting.
Indian cuisine wears many hats in Mississauga. It can be a quick pre-movie or pre-drinking mini-feast that comes in under $20. It can also be an exotic date night outing, made more romantic by the restaurant’s use of deep reds and elegant golds and crisp linen tablecloths.
This city has become a real hotspot for great burritos. Almost every time I eat a burrito in Mississauga, I make sure to cut it in half so it's nice and neat when I take half of it home for lunch the next day. But in some cases the burrito is too damn good to take home and I have to destroy it right there and then while it's still hot.
Butter chicken, dosa, idli, channa masala, tikka kebabs, biryani - that's pretty much the definition of Indian food in the GTA.
There are two types of Chinese takeout joints in Mississauga: ones that give you fortune cookies and ones that don't.
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I concur — especially weekend brunch. Brunch offers more than just the standard every day breakfast fare that typically serves to simply satisfy your morning hunger or take care of that hangover.
Butter chicken, one of the most popular Indian dishes, is not to hard to find in Mississauga and can be found on most Indian restaurant menus.
Over the past few years, Square One has changed quite dramatically, welcoming a host of new stores (many of them high end) and restaurants.
So I’m fairly new to and one thing I’ve realized is my colleagues have been to just about every place in the city to write about our awesomely eclectic food scene.
This little lakeside village Port Credit has a little something for everyone.