A great croissant for breakfast should perfectly balance a flaky, buttery, crisp, and light pastry. From bakeries to cafe's, you can get a taste of the City of Lights right here in Mississauga.
In Mississauga, no matter where you eat, you will almost always find fish tacos on the menu and some are certainly better than others.
There is nothing better than a good sandwich when you are on the go in Mississauga. Why not skip that sub this week and go for a good homemade veal, smoked meat or pulled pork sandwich?
Thinking about the trip you had to Thailand? Thinking about the one you have planned?
If you aren’t familiar with Filipino cuisine, it may be hard to know where to start.
A lot has happened this year in Mississauga.
Ah, dim sum. In my experience, it's hard to do poorly in Mississauga. While some dumplings are crafted more expertly than others, har gow (a steamed shrimp dumpling) is much like pizza, in the sense that it's rarely downright inedible.
Every year, Mississauga welcomes hot new restaurants to its ever-growing food scene and there were some highly-anticipated new openings in 2018.
Deep fried and usually crunchy, churros get even the most well-behaved of us all riled up!
Whether you're happy about or not, 2018 is coming to an end and 2019 is almost here.