Mississauga is a popular destination for movie crews from around the world.
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When it comes to great bakeries in Mississauga, everything is important.
Mississauga is a city that has been built from the ground up; as such, large scale infrastructure projects are no stranger to Canada's sixth largest city.
It’s the new year and it’s time to get creative during a pandemic. We’ve rounded up five fun things to do that will keep you safe, yet entertained.
Staying in is the new norm and it can be hard to come up with creative and fun things to do, especially as we ring in the new year. We’ve rounded up five fun things you can do to make the most
Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dominate the news, a lot has happened this year in Mississauga that has nothing to do with the novel coronavirus. 
Here are some random things about Mississauga that you probably didn't know that may win you a bar bet or two in the future. You owe us a beer!
Let’s face it.