Mississauga is home to a number of fairly new indie cafes and a few long standing ones that offer a cozy place for some great coffee-based beverages, cafe-style eats with a little healthy juice and
I have been a huge fan of seafood since I was a child. Prawn curry, lobster tail and - of course - the beloved shrimp ring.
If there's one cuisine Mississauga has plenty of, it's Chinese.
I never understood the idea of going to the movies on a first date. Sitting in silence for two hours doesn't exactly help you get to know the other person.
Calling all wine enthusiasts, wine lovers, and wine-drinkers!
It's that time of the year again--Valentine's Day in Mississauga. I'm sure you didn't forget, because how could you?
There's a growing number of bubble tea joints in Mississauga, with a few just popping up in the last couple of months. For the uninitiated, bubble tea can be confusing.
Hey guys, I have an idea. Next time you go on a date in Mississauga, change it up a little. Perhaps she is getting a little sick of the big box restaurant dates or the 50-minute ride to a Toronto restaurant after you're in a bad mood for paying $20 for parking.
Whether you love a freshly brewed coffee during your morning commute, a caffeine fix to survive an all-nighter, or a cuppa joe on the weekend, Mississauga offers some of the finest and most unique
These are some samosa places in Mississauga where they are not just the side dish at an Indian restaurant, but the main event. Samosas are good for so many occasions. They are a great party food, a great snack for lunch meetings and, to be honest, can be the cheapest lunch you can ever buy and be completely stuffed for $1.