One of the best things about living in a city like Mississauga is the incredible diversity of food options.
Nothing beats the feeling of heading to a game store to choose which new world you'll spend hours exploring.
Let's face it, nerdy is the new cool. The big summer blockbuster is almost always the newest Marvel movie, and video games are now a $90 billion industry.
When you think about historical buildings, you might think of such cultural landmarks as Toronto's Keg Mansion or Mackenzie house, never realizing that truly historical buildings are really just st
With Christmas just around the corner, there's a good chance you're scrambling to figure out memorable and original gift ideas.
It's no secret that Mississauga has ample—and beautiful—outdoor space that's perfect for everything from dog-walking to hiking to sightseeing.
Since we're mid-way through the summer, Mississauga's many parks, monuments and historical sites are all at the best (despite the constant rain).
If you're big into Halloween, you've probably been excited about this weekend all month and, fortunately for you, your patience will be rewarded if you plan on partying in Mississauga.
When people think of jewellery stores, they think of glossy marble floors and rows of glass cases filled with traditional diamond engagement rings and sophisticated (or dated, depending on your tas
Although conventional wisdom posits that spring is for new beginnings, a great time of transition for most is fall. With school back in session and winter inching ever closer, you might be looking to maximize your time at home (especially if you'll be staying indoors more often). If you want to spice things up or reinvent your space, all you have to do is replace some old furniture with newer (or even older) pieces that are stylish, fun and produced by little gems you may not have known existed.