There’s something special about heading out to a quarry, a lake, a swimming hole, or even a waterfall for a day away from Mississauga. 
Finding a place to stay outside of Mississauga can go a few ways - you could book a hotel room, scope out an Airbnb, or go out of your way to stay somewhere even more interesting!
Summer is a great time to go camping, and while there are plenty of scenic areas in Mississauga to enjoy the outdoors, an authentic camping experience is not so far out of reach. 
Would you like your meal with a side of hauntings?
It might still be the beginning of October, but let’s be real - that means it’s practically Halloween!
Halloween is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to explore haunted properties!
Honestly, there’s nothing like watching an incredible sunrise or sunset.
Sometimes, you need to treat yo’self!
It’s no secret that Mississauga is charming, but if you’re itching to enjoy the warmer weather with a road trip somewhere you might have never seen (or heard of!) before, you’ve come to the right p
You - yes you - you are long overdue to treat yo’self!