Whether you can skate figure eights around your friends and family or you fall on your behind every few strides, skating is one of the most fun winter activities.
We won't kid ourselves and call Mississauga a tourist town because that wouldn't be entirely accurate.
Themed displays, light tunnels, trees wrapped in thousands of twinkling lights and more - there are an abundance of lighting displays popping up in Mississauga and far beyond it.
I recently took up running with a small group of friends in Mississauga. We go to various places around the city and run short runs, approximately two km one way and another two km back again.
We know, we know—this is a sensitive topic. To some, buildings that are considered objectively stunning (the Marilyn Monroe Absolute towers, for example) may actually be monstrous eyesores.
If you love fall and you're looking for the best place to take your boo to see the fall colours, sip a PSL, and cuddle under a blanket or five, look no further! 
Let's face it, nerdy is the new cool. The big summer blockbuster is almost always the newest Marvel movie, and video games are now a $90 billion industry.
Looking for a spooky attraction to head to this weekend before Halloween? We've got you covered.
Would you like your meal with a side of hauntings?
Fall colours in Mississauga are stunning as is, but there are a bunch of places you can road trip to from here to discover even more!