Whether you love a freshly brewed coffee during your morning commute, a caffeine fix to survive an all-nighter, or a cuppa joe on the weekend, Mississauga offers some of the finest and most unique
These are not the Chinese restaurants you stroll into after a club or for a quick takeout lunch. These are the Chinese restaurants you enjoy with family and close friends.
If you aren’t familiar with Filipino cuisine, it may be hard to know where to start.
Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Mississauga for the week of April 21-27, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on insauga.com.
If you want your Mississauga restaurant to stand the test of time, open a fish and chips joint. For some reason, they never close down and people never get sick of them.
If the company you work for in Mississauga is doing well, the likelihood of having a company dinner, lunch or Christmas party at these places is high.
When you are hungry there is nothing better than a good roti and Mississauga has some good selections.
Indian cuisine wears many hats in Mississauga. It can be a quick pre-movie or pre-drinking mini-feast that comes in under $20. It can also be an exotic date night outing, made more romantic by the restaurant’s use of deep reds and elegant golds and crisp linen tablecloths.
So I’m fairly new to insauga.com and one thing I’ve realized is my colleagues have been to just about every place in the city to write about our awesomely eclectic food scene.
Thailand's cuisine is internationally known for its aromatic and exotic expression of Thai culture presented on a plate.