There are a lot of great Irish Pubs in Mississauga and a great Irish pub has more to offer than the perfect pint of Guinness -- but if they don't do pour it right, you might as well be at a regular
Gone are the days of production line dishs, uninspired plating and soya sauce-stained paper menus with check box items for all you can eat sushi.
French toast is an iconic, special occasion treat that is delicious, sweet, and perfect as an alternative breakfast to eggs, bacon and toast.
If you want your Mississauga restaurant to stand the test of time, open a fish and chips joint. For some reason, they never close down and people never get sick of them.
Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Mississauga for the week of July 7 - 13, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on
Mississauga has some fantastic Indian restos that delight diners with their tasty menus and atmospheric charm.
If there’s one cuisine Mississauga has plenty of, it’s Chinese.
If you have never been to these restaurants before it's probably because you've never seen them.
These are some samosa places in Mississauga where they are not just the side dish at an Indian restaurant, but the main event. Samosas are good for so many occasions. They are a great party food, a great snack for lunch meetings and, to be honest, can be the cheapest lunch you can ever buy and be completely stuffed for $1.
Being a strict vegetarian is difficult, especially for a person who loves to eat out.