Let's face it, nerdy is the new cool. The big summer blockbuster is almost always the newest Marvel movie, and video games are now a $90 billion industry.
While Mississauga has a ton of excellent restaurants that almost everyone knows and loves, it has few hidden—and we mean really hidden—gems that go unnoticed by drivers and pedestrians because th
As the seasons change from summer to fall, the choice of beverages change from ice cold drinks to hot chocolate, lattes, coffee, and tea.
For those that love spring rolls—hot, crisp, and full of vegetables—these places are worth checking out.
A great croissant for breakfast should perfectly balance a flaky, buttery, crisp, and light pastry. From bakeries to cafe's, you can get a taste of the City of Lights right here in Mississauga.
With the explosion of craft beer popularity, there are endless unique and bold flavour combinations produced by local breweries in the Greater Toronto Area.
Cheesecake is one of the most popular desserts on any sweet menu. The rich, smooth, and creamy texture is what makes you go for a second helping.
Whether you love a freshly brewed coffee during your morning commute, a caffeine fix to survive an all-nighter, or a cuppa joe on the weekend, Mississauga offers some of the finest and most unique blends to satisfy your obsession with coffee.
French toast is an iconic, special occasion treat that is delicious, sweet, and perfect as an alternative breakfast to eggs, bacon and toast.
If you're a chocolate fanatic, then one of your favourite treats is probably a warm brownie oozing with chocolaty goodness and topped with ice cream. Full of sugar and rich flavour, brownies are a delectable treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether they're full of nuts, caramel or made the old fashioned way, I can never say no to having a bite.