If there’s one cuisine Mississauga has plenty of, it’s Chinese.
With summer just around the corner, there's no better time to start visiting local farmer and food markets.
It might still be the beginning of October, but let’s be real - that means it’s practically Halloween!
Smoothies are a huge staple in my everyday diet for so many reasons: they're healthy, they're delicious, they're easy to make and they're portable and convenient.
Crunchy or soft shell, tacos are a favourite for many! They're a Mexican delight that mixes a variety of beautifully seasoned meats and a variety of small portioned toppings.
There’s nothing that says fall like pumpkin spice lattes, stunning and colourful fall foliage, and corn mazes!
We won't kid ourselves and call Mississauga a tourist town because that wouldn't be entirely accurate.
Thinking about the trip you had to Thailand? Thinking about the one you have planned?
Mississauga has some fantastic Indian restos that delight diners with their tasty menus and atmospheric charm.
Fall colours in Mississauga are stunning as is, but there are a bunch of places you can road trip to from here to discover even more!