We know, we know—this is a sensitive topic in Mississauga.
Who doesn’t love cookies? Whether you prefer your cookie crunchy, soft and gooey or decadent and rich, Mississauga has some promising spots that deliver exactly what you’re craving.
If you want to see the history of Mississauga, look no further than your local fish and chips joint. The top five fish and chips places have been in business for a combined 150 years.
Lava Cake is one of those melt in your mouth, decadent desserts that will always be a hit whether you are indulging by yourself or sharing this delicious treat with someone special.
Next time you're watching Netflix or Prime in Mississauga, you might want to change up your pizza routine.
Mississauga has some of the best crepe spots in the GTA.
Biryani is a delicious mixed rice dish that is known for its distinct flavour and familiar spices.
Chicken on rice in Mississauga is the ultimate comfort food that pairs perfectly with Netflix and movie marathons.
The sound of the crunch from a chicken sandwich fills the room. The aroma can be recognized from miles away and there is no doubt that these sandwiches make the perfect treat after a long day.
If you’ve never had a Manakeesh in Mississauga you have to try one.Manakeesh is what we consider classic Arab street food or even a Middle Eastern flatbread.