Top New Restaurant Openings in 2018 in Brampton

Published March 30, 2018 at 3:40 am

This year has been a very good one so far in terms of new restaurant openings in Brampton.

This year has been a very good one so far in terms of new restaurant openings in Brampton.

While Brampton isn’t necessarily the first city to come to mind when someone hears the term “food scene,” anyone who overlooks this not-so-sleepy suburb is missing out on a truly unique, diverse and eclectic mix of food options. With food from almost every part of the globe present in the city, there truly is something for everyone.

Here’s a look at some of the hottest new openings of 2018 so far.

Chico Burrito

Chico Burrito just opened in March at 400 Steeles Avenue East, in the same plaza as Brewster’s Roadhouse, near Steeles and Kennedy. Here you’ll find burritos and quesadillas stuffed with chicken, steak, shrimp, veggie soy, and fish. Then, there are giant portions of nachos that you can top with similar things, and even “Salad Fiestas” with your choice of chicken or shrimp with avocado. Chico Burrito also serves up bacon burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and more! So if you’re a bacon-lover, you’ll want to head over ASAP. The service is also quick and kind, so that’s a bonus. As for seating space, the burrito joint is quite small, but there are two tall tables and some stool-style seating along the wall if you choose to chow down at the resto. Over all, Chico Burrito makes a great burrito in a clean space and a prime location – yum!


DasBrezelHaus officially opened its doors – after much anticipation – in McArter Lane in downtown Brampton on Friday March 9. According to their website, the fresh, gourmet, handmade pretzel maker is twisting up these pretzels: 

  • Signature – a traditional German pretzel available salted or unsalted
  • Philly Soft Style – a pretzel with rock salt available in plain, salted, buttered, or cinnamon sugar
  • Boston Dipped – a pretzel dipped in milk chocolate 
  • Boston Dipped with Slivered Almonds – a pretzel dipped in milk chocolate and covered in almond slivers for a very decadent pretzel 
  • Birthday – if it’s your birthday or you just love chocolate and sprinkles, this pretzel is dipped in milk chocolate or white chocolate and covered in sprinkles 

They also have custom flavour options available! Let us tell you – these soft pretzels are addictive. This place also has a ghost pepper pretzel for those brave Bramptonians willing to give it a shot!

Eatery Boss Restaurant

Eatery Boss held its grand opening in January this year. Located in downtown Brampton where South Indian kitchen Godavari once stood, this place is a cool casual dining spot boasting breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a range of dessert items. While some of their items are overpriced (I once paid $25 for an omelette), the variety and quality of food here is great. They’ve got casual classics such as burgers, wings, pancakes, seafood items, and salads, and more niche items like chicken parmesean sandwiches, apple cinnamon French toast, and even fish and chips. You can also catch early bird breakfast specials from 7-9 a.m. if you have a hankering for pancakes, a morning shift, or you’re just an early riser.

Juice and Rocco’s Pizzeria

Celebrity chef Jason Rosso opened Juice and Rocco’s Pizzeria at 52 Main Street North in March, between Miami Nails and CB Squared Hair Studio. At Juice and Rocco’s, you can get donairs, mac’n’cheese pizza, and such gourmet ‘zzas like the Tree Hugger (roasted zucchini, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, onions, broccoli, white sauce, and mozzarella) and the O.G. (tomato sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, fresh basil. The personal pizzas stick around the $10-$15 price point.

“My partner Adam Valenti and myself wanted to do a Brooklyn style neighbourhood pizza joint,” Rosso told “It’s all grab and go personal size 12” pizzas. We will have a host of signature pizzas like the Ruben with smoked meat, the Pisano with Italian sausage and smoked provolone, the Mexican with spicy beef etc…we are wanting to do something fun and a little different with the pizzas.”

MexiCados Burritos & Bowls

MexiCados is a brand new burrito joint in Brampton located in an industrial area near Steeles and Torbram, and walking in there was exciting! There are sombreros on the walls, it’s well-lit, and the customer service in on point – everyone working here is kind and helpful, to the point where they’ll recommend the best things to put on your burrito and go out of their way to give you things like a sample of extra sauce (try the butter chicken sauce!). Hopefully that’s not just because they’re new! Regardless, MexiCados serves a delicious burrito. It’s piping hot, fresh, enough to fill your stomach without going overboard and leaving you feeling bloated, and the toppings are portioned nicely. You can get burritos like grilled chicken, steak, fired up shrimp, turkey carnitas, veggie softrito, veggie and guac, ground beef, and bean and cheese. The chicken on mine was tender and plentiful. If you like your spice, get them to put extra hot sauce on your burrito. Over all a solid burrito experience here. Something pretty unique about MexiCados is this place proudly serves Saint Jimmy’s Coffee, a North York-based coffee company that uses 100 per cent recyclable coffee pods and boasts premium artisan coffee.

A new, unique Indian restaurant boasting traditional flavours and a specialty just opened this February. It’s called Paranthe Wali Gali – which means “the lane of parantha-makers” – and it’s located at Clarence and Kennedy.

A parantha is an Indian flatbread that’s popular in different styles in South Asian countries. The flatbread is typically flaky and can be stuffed with different ingredients. Paranthe Wali Gali serves a whopping almost 60 different kinds of paranthe (plural of parantha), including butter chicken, beet root, and chicken biryani. Some of the paranthe are inspired by different South Asian regions, like Chennai (parantha with potatoes and southern-flavoured herbs) and Kashmir (parantha with kidney beans and Indian herbs). This restaurant also carries two very unique kinds of paranthe – pizza paranthe and sweet paranthe. The pizza paranthe are topped with different ingredients, like cheese, tomato sauce, and green chillies, while the sweet paranthe are stuffed with things like chocolate, fruit, and fennel.

Wexmex opened in February, hidden in a plaza near Kennedy and Bovaird. It’s a grab-and-go style spot with a small seating area. Boasting Mexican-style street food, you’ll find your favourite Mexican fast food offerings at this new spot. That includes burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and even poutine. Their seasoned Mexican fries are featured below  and they are loaded with chorizo sausage, green onions, mixed peppers, tex-mex cheese, cheese curds and sour cream with a sprinkle of cilantro and a charred pepper on top. Wexmex also has some interesting topping options for your burrito, like jerk chicken, butter chicken, and Louisiana steak.
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