Top New Openings in August 2015

Here are the top new restaurant openings for the month of August 2015 based on the amount of page views on the first day the article got released:

New Openings: Sindhi Indian Street Food Restaurant

Sindhi is a new restaurant concept by Hemant Bhagwani, the founder and executive chef behind the popular Amaya group of restaurants.
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New Openings: Archtop Cafe and Music

Independent coffee shops are rare among the big corporate chains in Mississauga and when one opens up; we can’t help but rejoice for ‘team indie.’ 
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New Openings: Reggae Fusion

Reggae music transports you to the hot sands of Jamaica in this small but quaint mom-and-pop-style restaurant offering dine-in Jamaican-fusion cuisine (also known as reggae-style cooking)
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New Openings: Door FiftyFive

Door FiftyFive is Sauga’s very first speakeasy-style bar and one we’ve been anticipating for months since the old Harp Restaurant & Pub shut its doors for good (RIP Harp).
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