Top Brampton citizens in arts, sports and service among those recognized with award


Published June 4, 2021 at 8:06 pm


Since 1974, the Brampton Citizen Awards have celebrated more than 3,500 outstanding community members. This year’s event nominees, from both 2019 and 2020, will add 175 names to that list.

“It is important to recognize and celebrate the many contributions our residents have made, before and during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Martin Medeiros, regional councillor wards 3 and 4, and chair of the awards committee. “The number of people who have given generously of their time and attained personal achievements in arts and sports is really quite remarkable. I am so proud of the community spirit we have here in Brampton.”

Here are the winners for 2019 and 2020 in each of the seven award categories:

Sports Achievement – awarded to an individual or team for achievements recognized at the provincial, national or international level. Individual2019: Conner Cyle Afable, Caidence Amartey, Braxtton Barnett, Franco Majia Batres, Amanda Braddock, Matthew Cabraja, Jillian Catton, Joshua Desouza, Simrit Gerwal, Galwinder Gill, Gursajan Gill, Cameron John-Dunslow, Alexia Jones, Amir Khaleghpanah, Aryan Khaleghpanah, Jasraj Khela, Sahib Khela, Karanbir Marok, Elizabeth Martin, Harley Medeiros, Pablo Ortiz, Aimann Pandher, Sean Pang, Nicholas Paribello, Benjamin Paribello, Laxya Sharma, Nitin Sharma, Jacob Stojanovic, Jaylen Stubbs, Jayden Vande Vooren, Jack Wang, Kiara Webb. 2020: Matthew Cabraja, Mckenna Spurrell, Jacob Stojanovic, Jayden Vande Vooren. Team2019: 12-13 Boys 200m Medley Relay Team – Franco Mejia Batres, Marcus Selva, Jacob Stojanovic, Jayden Vande Vooren; 12-13 Boys 400m Free Relay Team – Franco Mejia Batres, Marcus Selva, Jacob Stojanovic, Jayden Vande Vooren; 11 and Under Relay Team – Damon Armorer, Franco Mejia Bates, Jaiveer Singh, Jack Wang; Bang Bang Softball Team – Zoe Burns, Ayden Carnegie, Maya Chauhan, Vikas Chauhan, Satinder Kang, Falminder Nagra, Sanjot Nijjar, Chanchal Randhawa, Niman Randhawa, Pritav Sandhu, Neshant Sharma, Shonik Sharma, Jagdeep Singh, Kultar Singh, Nav Singh, Simon Tran, Alamin Wohab; Skate Ontario Star 8/9 Ice Dance – Simer Gill, Manroop Sahoota; Gold Ice Novice – Catrina Asher, Katrina Chiyarath, Nicole Deslauriers, Kaitlin Harnum, Kate Meehan, Jenna Payne, Raia Parekh, Lora Puliz, Arshya Sharma, Eivina Stavickiene, Zara Trainor, Aabha Vedi, Melissa Van Loenen, Tamara Watkins, Kamaria Williams, Asma Haniff, Zuri Conliffe-Layne, Andrea Nesbitt (Coach), Ashley Greenhalgh (Coach), Jessica Brown (Coach), Sangita Sharma (Manager), Kyra Trainor (Manager). 2020: Gold Ice Novice – Katrina Chiyarath, ​Zuri Conliffe-Layne, Kaitlin Harnum, Arshya Sharma, Eivina Stavickiene, Zara Trainor, Aabha Vedi, Melissa Van Loenen, Tamara Watkins, Kamaria Williams, Asma Haniff, Katie Latham, Vanessa Pan, Ishani Sama, Caitlyn Shim, Elise Trainor, Kate Trim, Eden Wilkinson, Kamaria Williams, Andrea Nesbitt (Coach), Ashley Greenhalgh (Coach), Jessica Brown (Coach), Sangita Sharma (Manager), Kyra Trainor (Manager); Tyke Boys 4x200m Relay – Xavier Gayle, Tayshawn Malcolm, Anthony Phinn, Jaylen Subbs, Duane Napier (Coach); Senior Girls Medley – Ashna Housen, Kiara Webb, Aayshia Williams, Samantha Williams,Sheree Deans (Coach); Atom Boys 2x200m Relay – Darnell Green, Justin Knight, Kula Nembhard, Anthony Phinn, Patrik Hudec-Siron (Coach), Micheal Knight (Coach).

Arts Acclaim – recognizes individuals whose contribution has had a significant impact in terms of achieving local, provincial, national or international acclaim. 2019: Karan Devgan, Jasmin Pannu, Vrind Sharma, Carmen Spada. 2020: Kelly Fyffe-Marshall, JJ (JonoJosh) Gerber, Othalie Graham, New York Raja, Jael Richardson.

Inspirational Award – recognizes Brampton residents who advocate or practise humane action, or who have had an inspirational influence on others. 2019: Patrick “Gill” Dunn, Shambhu Dutt Sharma. 2020: Chris Campbell, Joshua Gopaul, Harpreet Hansra, Pathik Shukla, Kathy Switzer, Robi Van-Belkom.

Long Term Service – in 10 year, 25 year, 35 year and 50 year categories, recognizes dedicated volunteers whose efforts have made a significant impact toward the development and advancement of recreational sports, the arts and community social services. 2019: 50 Years – COBRA Swim Club, 35 Years – Bill Allard, Judith Daniel, 25 Years – Alnasir Bhanji, Frank Bucca, Myrna Montirichard-Adams, Marjorie Taylor, 10 Years – Michael Avis, Rod Buck, Tanya Collier, Glenna Detto, Joelle Francoeur, Patty Grassam, Laura McIntyre, Canadian Newa Guthi, Jeffery Kennedy, Judy Middleton, Cliff Spencer, Rob Stephens. 2020: 50 Years – Marv Hatelt, 25 Years – Richard Beagle, Joe Sr Ferreria, Blake Frost, Marjorie Taylor, 10 Years – Christopher Banks, Patrick “Gill” Dunn, Lloyd Marcus, Myrtle O’Connor, Bimal Shrestha, Louise Vassell.

Emergency Services Award of Valour – recognizes an individual or individuals, who voluntarily risked their own life/lives while performing a heroic act to save the life of another person. 2020: Christopher Banks.

Citizen of the Year – recognizes Brampton volunteers who have demonstrated all-around community involvement rather than specific activity or contribution. This award is given to a youth, adult and senior who builds communities and shows what can be achieved with passion and determination. 2019: Youth – Mehak Dhaliwal, Adult – Bob Nagra, Senior – Michael Avis. 2020: Youth – Mackenzie Nolan, Adult – Alisa Cheddi, Senior – Bill Godfrey.

The Ken Giles Amateur Athlete of the Year Award – recognizes an individual who has made a significant impact or exceptional achievement at the amateur level of their respective sport. 2019: Matthew Cabraja. 2020: McKenna Spurrell.

Nominations were reviewed by the Citizens Awards Selection Committee of community members with subject matter expertise in award categories, along with Brampton councillors, volunteer MBC, Brampton Fire and Emergency Services, the Brampton Sports Alliance, Brampton Seniors Council and Peel Regional Police.

To view a full list of the winners in 2019 and 2020 visit here.

Award winners will be recognized through social media, advertising and posters in the community.

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