5 Worst Tim Hortons Locations in Mississauga

Published December 12, 2016 at 3:51 am


Canadians are known to love hockey, poutine, maple syrup and, of course, Timmies. In fact, I don’t know many Canadians who aren’t down to grab a cup of Joe and possibly some Tim Bits from this beloved Canadian franchise. All that said, they’re not all created equal and there’s nothing worse than receiving bad service or a messed up coffee order when you’re on the go.

 To save you some hassle, I have located the top 5 worst Tim’s locations in Sauga (in no particular order).5) Dundas and Winston Churchill

This Tim’s, located on Hyde Park Gate (right on the Oakville and Mississauga border and frequented by Mississauga people for the most part), seems to be busy any time of day. It’s close to Highway 403 and in the middle of a busy shopping area. Even though there’s a big seating area inside, many people choose to get their coffee to go. When I went during the afternoon, the drive-thru was long and moving slowly (as you can see from the picture). Inside, there weren’t many pastries to choose from. There was a lot of staff on hand so more food preparation should have been done. I recommend getting your caffeine fix elsewhere instead of waiting for your coffee at this chaotic spot.

 4) 151 City Centre Drive

This is another busy spot in the heart of the city. This Timmies is across from Square One and in my opinion, isn’t big enough for the volume of people it gets. When you walk in, there’s not enough room for people to line-up, causing long lines out the doors. The lines were moving slowly and since this location doesn’t have a drive-thru, customers are stuck waiting on foot. During a morning rush, staff seemed a little confused and frazzled. Also, this location was lacking in pastries, which isn’t a good sign when you have hungry Canadians wanting chocolate dip doughnuts.

3) 6313 Mississauga Road

Located next to Service Ontario, this tiny Tim’s spot only offers drive-thru convenience (as you can see from the picture, which hopefully demonstrates how tiny it really is). The area is so tight that drivers have to stay in close quarters to avoid a line-up onto the street. With limited staff, the service can be quite slow and an annoying wait is par for the course. There are no seats in the shop and it’s actually better to use the drive-thru compared to walking in, as the staff is more focused on clearing the line. Use caution when going to this Tim’s, as it’s a small spot with little to offer.

2) 116 Queen Street South

With no drive-thru and constant customers walking through their doors, this Tim’s can be a chaotic spot to sit back and relax. Located in Streetsville, this location is big enough but during busy times, staff can’t seem to keep up with the ongoing lines. The morning I went there was a line up to the door and about five employees working. Also, one of the cashiers was training, which didn’t seem like the best timing when there’s a crowd of customers. They did have a good variety of baked goods and the place was clean. But if you’re in a rush, don’t expect this Tim’s to be a quick pit stop.

1) 2655 Eglinton Ave. W.

Attached to a Wendy’s, this Tim’s is spacious and newly renovated offering a cozy spot to enjoy your coffee. But located near Erin Mills Town Cenre, this location is in high demand. It can be a hectic spot on the weekends during prime shopping time. When I went one morning, it wasn’t too busy and in fact I was the only person in line. But it took the staff awhile to acknowledge me. They might have been busy catering to the drive-thru customers as that line was continuously growing. Also, for a busy location, I thought they would have more pastries on hand. 

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