Top 5 Wedding Picture Spots in Mississauga


Published July 7, 2015 at 6:56 pm


Summer means many things to many people. It typically means (in our neck of the woods, at least) lakefront beaches, cottages and precious outdoor activities. It also means weddings. If you’re tying the knot this summer, you might want some local scenery in your nuptial photos — as well you should, not everyone needs to head to Botanical Gardens to get their picture taken in front of a fragrant manmade flower forest.

Here are five fun wedding photo spots in Mississauga, in no particular order.

5) Adamson Estate

Adamson Estate, located at 850 Enola Avenue, is a 13.33 acre waterfront park with public gardens and a private but stunning (it belongs to the Cawthra-Adamson Division of the Royal Conservatory of Music) main house that works as an ideal backdrop for classic, stunning wedding photos. It was originally the summer property of the Cawthra family and was built in 1919, so it’ll give your photos a little touch of vintage grandeur. It’s the perfect location for local history aficionados and lovers of fine white manors.

4) Richard Memorial Park

Richard Memorial Park, located in Port Credit at 804 Lakeshore Rd. W., is a spacious waterfront park that boasts a small beach area, a trail, forested landscape and picnic areas. It’s ideal for taking outdoorsy shots, as you can pose in the forested areas or on the quaint sandy beach. You can also incorporate the picnic tables into your photos if you want to create a more casual, folksy vibe. If you take photos on the beach, you might capture some disgruntled but beautiful wild swans in the background. Be sure to feed them small bits of bread for their trouble.

3) Benares Historic House

Benares Historic House, located at 1507 Clarkson Rd. N., is perfect if you want to infuse your photos with a rustic, Deep South element. This classic historical property that’s been around for over 160 years offers both classic architecture (check out that old school veranda) and pristine gardens. This space is perfect for a Gone with the Wind-themed wedding, as both the house and gardens feel like they belong way south of the border. You’ll be staying local without feeling like you’re just down the road from your childhood home. You can also take pictures inside the house, if you want to create a more intimate vibe. If you’re a big fan of the Louisiana bayou aesthetic or grand southern-style homes in general, this is the perfect spot for you.

2) Leslie Log House

Leslie Log House, located at 4415 Mississauga Rd., is a hugely fun and original wedding photo location. Built in 1826 (EIGHTEEN TWENTY-SIX, guys!), this extremely vintage setting will add a unique pioneer feel to your otherwise glamorous photos. The site also offers ample outdoor space, so you can take advantage of the natural scenery as well as the heritage structure.

1)  Queen Elizabeth Jubilee II Garden

The Queen Elizabath Jubilee II Garden, located at City Hall, is centrally located (and therefore very accessible) and marries (hehe!) a picturesque garden element with a concrete city scape, creating an interesting juxtaposition befitting of a distinctly urban wedding. The gardens are quaint and serene while being spacious and open — perfect for a larger wedding party. If you want a more interesting range of shots, you can also incorporate Celebration Square and other City Hall areas into your photos, creating a cool mix of earthy and industrial shots.

Photos by Wil Yeung Photography


  1. Celebration Square
  2. Leslie Log House
  3. Benares Historic House
  4. Richard’s Memorial Park
  5. Adamson Estate
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