Top 5 Ways to Destress in Mississauga


The grind can be tough - with work, school, social lives, trying to eat healthy, drink enough water, and balance the million and two things we have to do in a day, the life of a Mississaugan can get stressful.

As much as we would all love to tan on a beach with a cocktail in hand overseas somewhere to take a break from our busy lives, we don't always have that kind of time or money. Lucky for us, there are ways to partake in some self-care and destress in Mississauga.

Here are the top five ways to destress in Mississauga:

5. Stroll around Port Credit

It's so convenient for Mississauga to be located so close to a lakeside area. Port Credit is full of little ice cream shops, cute cafes, seating areas, and restaurants. Unwind by spending your day by the lake, find a little nook close to the water to sit in, lounge at restaurants nearby, and leave your worries lakeside. Walking is exercise, and exercise alleviates stress. Port Credit offers exercise, good food, and a lake.

4. Get a Massage

The more typical route to destressing involves all things TLC - spas, manicures, pedicures, facials, the works! There are a bunch of spas in Mississauga that cater to this avenue of relaxation, including the luxurious Glenerin Inn at Dundas Street and Mississauga Road where you can get services like a sea salt body polish, a warm lavender massage, and an oxygenating pumpkin facial, or La Peau D'or in Streetsville where you can indulge in a hot stone massage, an aromatherapy massage, or a classic swedish massage.

3. Cozy up at a Movie Night

Bring blankets, snacks, and lawn chairs and curl up under the stars at Celebration Square for movie nights almost every Thursday over the summer. Movie nights offer a cozy distraction from your stressors for a few hours, and incorporate some much needed relaxation. Better yet, laugh off your stress! Grab a group of friends and make a social gathering out of it, or have some alone time - you can find the list of movies here.

2. Throw Axes

Imagine your stressors are your targets, and hurl some axes at them to destress at Bad Axe Throwing on Eglinton and Tomken. Even if it’s never occurred to you to toss a weapon in a safe environment, you’re definitely thinking about it now and imagining how amazing it will be to strike fear into the hearts of your stressors. It's extremely satisfying to hear your axe hit the target, and exercise is a great way to work up a sweat and destress!

1. Float in Zero-Gravity

If you’ve been looking for a novel way to relax, Float Mississauga opened its doors in Port Credit earlier this year. Guests who attend the spa get to float in a private pod full of salt water. The pods are filled with epsom salts and provide bathers with a zero-gravity environment. According to the spa’s website, the epsom salts soften the skin and increase feelings of relaxation (among other things). The zero-gravity environment is purported to reduce joint and muscle pain and increase blood circulation. The pods also provide sensory deprivation, as they temporarily close you off from the outside world, allowing you to, ideally, reflect and relax.

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