Top 5 Walking Paths in Mississauga

Published December 3, 2016 at 4:45 pm


The days are long and warm, and that means evening walks are perfect for anyone looking to burn some post-dinner calories. Mississauga has a variety of walking trails with surrounding forests, lakes and city views that will get your heart rate up while you enjoy the great outdoors. Here are my top five picks for the best walking trails in Sauga.5) Burnhamthorpe Trail

If you want a good stroll but still want to remain in the thick of the city, this trail is for you. The 11 km path starts in Erindale Park and passes through City Centre. The trail isn’t a quiet one as it’s along Burnhamthorpe Road, but if you’re looking for a walk in the city, this is an enjoyable one. The trail is paved and suitable for cyclists and dogs. There are also nice parks and forestry you can appreciate along the route.  

4) St. Lawrence Park

As part of Mississauga’s Waterfront Trail, St. Lawrence Park is the city’s most recent addition to the trail system. Walking on this paved path makes you jealous of the people who live along the beautiful waterfront. The trail is great for walkers, dogs and cyclists as it’s a smooth route with little difficulty. Also, if you’re a fan of history the path has some facts about the industrial area’s past. I also should mention there are many geese along this route so watch your step!

Note: Some areas may be blocked off due to flooding. Stay away from any blocked off areas for your own safety. 

3) Lake Wabukayne Trail

Nestled in Meadowvale, this trail is a beautiful path filled with various trees, birds and many squirrels. The 4.2km trek is great for walkers and runners who want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy what nature has to offer.  Walkers can also enjoy the lake the path surrounds, which was created in 1976 as a storm water management facility. The paved path is a quick and accessible route for people to enjoy and relax in Mississauga’s natural beauty.

2) Jack Darling Memorial Park

This beautiful park gives walkers and cyclists a great view of the lake. You can enjoy a picnic and then take a lovely saunter along the paved paths. This park is also play heaven for your pups as there’s lots of room to safely run around. The paths are just as great during the winter as they are in the summer because of the many trees and birds to gaze at. But be cautious of the many geese droppings in the area, as Canada geese like to roam in the park.

1) River Grove Trail

This multi-use trail is behind the River Grove Community Centre and offers a beautiful view of Mississauga’s nature. The curvy path is in a good spot where you’re in the city but don’t feel like it. Most of the trail is paved but there are some gravel sections. It’s a great way to get in some cardio, as there are some uphill spots to conquer. You also feel a sense of tranquility as you stroll by the river on this path. Beware of poisonous wild parsnip, but other than that it’s a great stroll or biking adventure. 

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