Top 5 Unique Date Foods in Mississauga


Published August 21, 2015 at 2:59 pm


Dinner is the ideal date. You get to eat, drink, relax and get to know someone. If things go sour, you can pretend to be immersed in your pasta and then feign food poisoning. If things go well, you can stay for more drinks or maybe even dessert.

While food is always a good accompaniment to romance, it’s too often generic and ho-hum. Sometimes, you have to do it up and try something cooler than sushi and sexier than chicken Marsala.

So, without further ado, here are five cool cuisines you should sample with your date.

5) Oysters

We recently put together a top five list that was all about cheap oysters and we hope you were paying attention. Oysters are considered an aphrodisiac (meaning they’re supposed to light up your loins with desire). While there is no scientific evidence that they’ll drive you wild with lust, the act of eating the rare, uniquely textured delicacy (which closely resembles female genitalia) is often enough to put people in the mood. Oysters are associated with romance. They’re often consumed at higher-end establishments (like Cagney’s Steakhouse and Wine Bar and The Wilcox) and the sensual mood lighting and chic atmosphere make the meal the perfect pre sexy-time food.

4) Southern BBQ

Southern BBQ isn’t traditionally associated with sex and romance, but it is an unusual find in Mississauga. If you want to really embrace food — rich, hearty and comfortingly caloric food — take your date to RD’s Southern BBQ to share a monstrous pulled pork or beef brisket poutine. If you want a more night-friendly destination, check out the recently opened Speak Easy-themed Door FiftyFive for chicken and waffles — a true Deep South dish — and a jaw-dropping selection of alcoholic accompaniments. There’s something sexy about giving yourself over to “bad” foods and something even sexier about doing so in a resto that harkens back to a bygone era of illicit drinking.

3) Dosas

For those who don’t know, dosas are delicious Indian crepes — crispy or soft — served with myriad fillings. They’re hot and spicy (just like your budding love), but a little more unusual than butter chicken and samosas (not that there’s anything wrong with either). If you want a delectable dosa that you can fill with everything from aloo masala (potato and onion stuffing) to cheese to garlic to red chillies, check out Guru Lukshmi. If you live in or around City Centre, you can head over to Udupi Madras Café (one of our top five Indian resto picks) on Enfield in the Sussex Centre area.

2) Korean BBQ

We’ve said it before — you can learn a lot about a person during a Korean BBQ outing. When you’re tasked with grilling your own meat, the truth about your inner self emerges. Are you a gentle and patient cook, competently grilling the meats to perfection? Do you serve your partner first, showing chivalry and/or generosity? Do you eat All The Foods and leave little to no beef for your paramour? Do you eat red meat with voracious abandon while your vegan mate sucks on soulless beansprouts? I once knew a guy wasn’t right for me after a Korean BBQ outing because I didn’t feel connected him after he tenderly grilled fish for me. Korean BBQ lets you know if you share values. It’s also fun. Oh, and you’ll smell for days after you eat it — so hole up with your partner to get know each other even better while the sweet smell of succulent flesh fades from your skin.

1)    Dim Sum and Other Cool Asian Cuisines

Dim Sum — perfect for an early afternoon date — is a great, off-the-beaten path date food. The chaotic and fast-paced environment sets the outing apart almost immediately and you get to see how chill and adventurous your partner is. While certain staples are delicious and loved by all (pork buns, har gow, pork siu mai), you can see how wild your partner is (or even how in tune with his, her or your culture) if they order that rare Chinese special that you (or him or her) have never even heard of. If you’re also in the mood to try authentic Asian dishes that are little harder to find, check out Lion City Restaurant on Central Parkway W. This Singaporean, Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian resto is run by Singaporean chef Lilian Ow and offers curries, spicy Laksa noodle dishes, a sticky rice durian (durian!) dessert and more. 


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