Top 5 Under the Radar South Asian Takeout Around Square One in Mississauga

Published September 30, 2016 at 8:11 pm


Luckily for Mississaugans, the city hosts a plethora of South Asian restaurants that satiate the spice-loving population.

If you like your foods spicy, then you, like I, probably have a deep appreciation of South Asian cuisines. Dishes from the subcontinent range in variety and flavour, and gratify both the herbivores and omnivores among us. Luckily for Mississaugans, the city hosts a plethora of South Asian restaurants that satiate the spice-loving population. Bombay Bhel, The Host and Desi Bar are all heavyweights around City Centre, and rightly so – each delivers with the indispensable combination of good service and delicious foods.

While these bigger restaurants are great, this article will explore some other fantastic options in and around the Mississauga core. Most of these restaurants are situated in easy-to-miss spots, but don’t let their inconspicuous locations fool you: they serve up some excellent food.  Read on for some under the radar gems.

Note: Highly recommended dishes are in bold.

5) Matheson Sweets and Catering

A few minutes north of Square One, Matheson Sweets and Catering is located rather curiously in an industrial plaza at the northwest corner of Matheson and Kennedy. People who work in the area definitely know about this place, and can be seen lining up during lunch hours.

Matheson Sweets and Catering does offer an eclectic variety of sweets, but it’s their savoury options that might be more impressive. They offer lunch specials for under $5 and prepare them relatively quickly. Options for this “quick lunch” include butter chicken with rice, channa rice, and their superb take on chana bhatura.

Of course, no visit to this gem would be complete without trying their Punjabi-style samosas (2 for a $1; vegetable only), which come with a deliciously sweet tamarind sauce.   

 4) Anantha Bhavan

Located on Eglinton and Heritage Hills is the superb Sri Lankan takeout spot, Anantha Bhavan. The staff members are friendly and accommodating and the place has a homey feel to it.

Anantha Bhanvan offers a variety of dishes including vegetarian and meat curries, biriyanis, dosas and perhaps the crown jewel, kottu roti. The menu items are characteristically spicy, and often more so than their Indian counterparts, so just be wary of that. The prices are reasonable and $10 will go a long way towards filling you up here.

They also have several great appetizers, and their rolls (particularly the mutton roll) are outstanding!

  3) Masala Bites

Hidden in a mall on the southeast corner of Eglinton and Mavis is Masala Bites, a cozy spot with welcoming staff and decor. The Trip-Advisor favourite offers both dine-in and take-out services.

Masala Bites offers a $12 daily buffet which offers tasty options, including a variety of curries, unlimited fresh naan and dessert. The takeout options are slightly pricier than other places on this list, but the dishes are flavourful and delicious.

Particular standouts include their tandoori chicken, chana masala and naan.

 2) Eastern Foods International

This takeout specialist is located in the heart of Cooksville, right across from TL Kennedy High School. They’ve done renovations to the place, modernizing their decor and cash registers, though the inside still isn’t much of an inspiration. The food though, is tremendous. A team of good-natured ladies work in the visible kitchen, and one of them will take your order.

Eastern Foods provided an assortment of Pakistani and Indian style foods, though sometimes menu items are subject to availability. Luckily, their food is delicious, and it’s hard to go wrong with any of their vegetarian or meat dishes.

The highlight of this place is undoubtedly its chicken biriyani, a spectacular concoction of complementary flavours. It’s priced reasonably at $6.50 (large – feeds two) and is superior to the mutton biriyani, so be sure to try it first. Other tasty dishes at this place include the chana masala, beef kabobs and mixed vegetable curry. 

1) Hakka Ren

No South Asian food list could possibly be complete without a shout-out to an Indo-Chinese fusion restaurant and Hakka Ren is establishing itself as a dominant force in its market. With its inspiring menu and great service, this Hurontario and Eglinton gem is an excellent choice for dining in or taking out.

Hakka Ren has a great menu with lots of variety and options for both the spice addicts and avoiders. The classic Hakka dishes are available – Pakoras, Chilli Chicken, Hot and Sour Soup, Several Fried Rices and Szechuan/Manchurian variations – but some of their less conventional dishes are  fantastic so be confident in seeking adventures here! The Hong Kong Special Soup and House Special Fish are highly recommended.

Hakka Ren has daily lunch specials starting at 7.99, which offer great value. Otherwise, prices are relatively similar to other Hakka joints in Mississauga.

  1. Hakka Ren
  2. Eastern Foods International
  3. Masala Bites
  4. Anantha Bhavan Takeout and Catering
  5. Matheson Sweets & Catering Ltd
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