Top 5 Under The Radar Pizza Spots in Mississauga


Published December 5, 2015 at 1:45 am


Next time you’re watching Netflix or Prime in Mississauga, you might want to change up your pizza routine.

Why not try a pizzeria that you have never been to before to keep things interesting?

After a while, typical delivery pizza can start tasting like cardboard with pepperoni on top. If you take a risk and try something different, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Here are the top 5 under the radar pizza joints in Mississauga:

5 – Luca Pizza – (Applewood)

Luca Pizza is located just outside of the mall on Dixie and Bloor. This place is one of the original pizza places in Mississauga, having been around since 1975. They serve everything, including sandwiches, subs, salads, pasta, wings and, of course, calzone and pizza!

4 – Rockin Pizza – (Eglinton/HWY 10)

Located in a small plaza between Bristol and Eglinton on Hwy 10 is a nice surprise of a pizza joint called Rockin Pizza. This place has been around for a few years and is still rockin’ (pardon the pun, please). They have tons of specials, too! For an indie pizza place, the prices are very reasonable. The pizza was very flavourful and the toppings were plentiful. They even have ice cream bars, chicken wings and fried chicken.

3 – Enzo’s Two Guys From Italy – Streetsville

Now that Mickey’s Pizza has changed its name to The Hungry Dragon and has relocated to Oakville Enzo’s might be the only place to serve deep dish pizza in Mississauga. This gem has been around for over 30 years in the heart of Streetsville. The deep-dish pizza come in two sizes, huge and gigantic. There is a four-slicer which is good enough for two people that just came from the gym and there is an eight-slicer good enough for a small army or for a table of guys about to play some poker. Enzo’s is only the second place we know that has deep dish in Mississauga. The pizza was fresh, baked perfectly and the meat topping made it amazing! The dough was also super fresh.

2 – Amadio’s Pizza – (Port Credit)

Located in the most hidden plaza in Port Credit is Amadio’s Pizza, and they are committed to baking the best classic Italian-style pizza. All of their pizzas are handmade and stone-baked using only the finest and freshest ingredients, which are prepared daily in their open kitchen (including their trans-fat-free dough). The same owners have been operating Amadio’s since 1990.

1 – Pizza Nostra – Port Credit

Nostra means “our” in Italian and the resto’s name translates to “Our Pizza.”  Their speciality is New Jersey style pizza and hoagies.  What makes Jersey-style pizza different from the rest is the crust. Notable for its crispy and chewy texture, it takes eight minutes to cook in Nostra’s stone ovens. The Grande brothers make all of their ingredients from scratch, from the cured meats to the sauce and dough used for both the pizza and hoagies. Many of the ingredients, including the cheese and meat, are hand-cut. 

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