Top 5 Under the Radar Fish & Chip Joints in Mississauga


Published May 19, 2016 at 7:50 pm


If you want your Mississauga restaurant to stand the test of time, open a fish and chips joint. For some reason, they never close down and people never get sick of them.

But while it seems like fish and chip restos are bulletproof in the city, their longevity might also have something to do with their quality. We have some awesome restaurants and a lot of them are actually quite hidden.  So, if you’re looking for great comfort food, think about visiting one of the city’s more obscure and off-the-beaten-path places. You won’t be disappointed.

Here are the top five under the radar fish and chip joints in Mississauga.

5 – Queen’s Fish and Chips

Located in the heart of Streetsville in a small plaza on Queen Street is a place that has been around for 50 years called Queen’s Fish and Chips. Once you place the order, the battered fish goes in and a golden gem comes out. They also have fresh cut fries that they cook to a nice crisp. The dine-in area is not that big, so this place is popular for takeout.

Halibut and chips price index: $12.39

4 – Clarkson Fish and Chips

If you’re looking for a neighbourhood favourite, you’ll find it at Clarkson Fish and Chips. A tiny spot that gets packed to the rafters (especially on Good Friday), this place is a reliable hot spot for fried halibut, haddock and cod and, of course, delicious and satisfying fries. Although this place is popular for takeout, you can dine in (just don’t be surprised if you can’t get a table on a Friday night without a bit of a wait). 

3 – Fisherman’s Place

Unless you live in the area, it’s unlikely you’ve visited this charming old English-style fish and chips joint. Offering cozy booth and table seating and a fairly extensive menu with fried haddock, cod, halibut, shrimp and more (you can even order chicken fingers), this place boasts reliably tasty servings of fish on generous plates of fries. It’s ideal for a casual lunch or hearty dinner–and the fish aren’t terribly greasy.

2 – Henry’s Fish and Chips

Located in a plaza on Wolfdale Road, you won’t pass Henry’s unless you work in the area or are re-routed by a car accident on Mavis. This place is primarily a takeout joint with just a few seats for the guys who just can’t wait to get home. This is by far the cheapest fish and chips on this list and probably the cheapest we have ever found. At under $10, this is the best deal and it actually tastes really good.

1 – Country Fish and Chips

Don’t blink — because if you do, you will pass County Fish & Chips when heading east on Lakeshore from HWY 10 in Port Credit. Henry, the current owner, is a second generation fish and chip-taur. When you first walk into this place, you can tell they have spent a little more time on the interior of the restaurant. It’s so cute inside and if there was a “look” for a fish and chip shop, you would think this is it. The place looked familiar. I asked Henry if it was renovated recently and he mentioned that they were on Restaurant Makeover. This place has been around for 41 years and I can tell you that they will be around for another 50 if they keep serving the fish and chips they do. Delicious!

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