Top 5 Under The Radar Chicken Wings in Mississauga

Published July 22, 2016 at 6:04 pm


Who doesn’t like chicken wings (other than vegetarians)? Those succulent pieces of chicken that are deep fried (or sometimes baked) are iconic in their own right and perfect for any casual occasion. If you’re watching sports, chilling at a pub or relaxing with your boys at a BBQ, there’s a good chance you’re eating chicken wings.

Luckily for us, Mississauga has some hidden gems that serve excellent wings.

Next time you’ve got a hankering for some deep-fried goodness, check out one of these unorthodox choices — you’ll be glad you did.

Here are the top 5 under the radar chicken wings in Mississauga.

5 – VOY

There is a new Jamaican restaurant in Port Credit and it’s called VOY. This is kind of a big deal, as there weren’t any Caribbean restos in Port Credit before this place decided to set up shop. We tried a unique combo of chicken wings and festivals. Festivals are deep fried dough and chicken wings are, well, deep-fried bits of tasty chicken — how can you go wrong with that combo? The festivals were freshly fried, as I saw steam coming off them when they arrived and the wings were cooked to perfection!

4 – Noodle Wok

This place has been a Chinese takeout staple for over 30 years. The only thing that has changed about this restaurant is its name (it used be to called “Noodle Delight” back in the day). Noodle Wok continues to serve massively huge portions and that is no different when it comes to the chicken wings. These things are massive and the batter has such a flavourful taste to it that you just can’t eat four of them.

3 – Fred’s Bar and Grill

This is one of the best kept secrets in Mississauga. You can find this bar/restaurant hidden in a small plaza in Central Mississauga. Recently Fred’s Bar & Grill has taken over the China, well China City, which was next door and added a brand new section. The reno, which was a huge undertaking that required the gutting of the entire space, has made the resto much more open and inviting to eat your chicken wings! The new digs offer 26 TVs and two 80” babies on the wall, so there is not a bad vantage point anywhere in the restaurant. They even have a Toronto Maple Leafs wall that covers the entire west side of the restaurant. It serves up great food and has great service. This little place is great for chillin’, hanging out, watching sports and maybe even taking a date to. 

2 – The Wilcox

Some of the fancier and more flavourfully hot chicken wings you will find in Mississauga are the Spicy Vietnamese Wings. They are always cooked to perfection with a nice crisp to them. As you can see, they’re presented very nicely with honey sriracha, cilantro buttermilk and sesame seeds. The Wilcox Gastropub is located on the corner of Hurontario and Eglinton and is situated in the Wilcox House – one of Mississauga’s oldest  Heritage Homes.

1 – Door FiftyFive

Imagine you’ve been whisked away to a King West bar. Get ready to be amazed. Every aspect of this place — including the space and menu — has been designed with the utmost thought to detail.  Although the food menu is only about five per cent of entire menu, you will find some of the most unique chicken wings around in terms of flavour. These smoked wings are done to perfection and they works perfectly. All of meat is smoked with SmokinLicious’ cherry wood and sugar maple wood chips, which “gives a nice sweetness to meat.” Damn!

  1. Door FiftyFive
  2. The Wilcox Gastropub
  3. Fred’s Bar & Grill
  4. Noodle Wok
  5. VOY Jamaican Restaurant
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